克里斯托弗·亞倫·劳埃德(英語:Christopher Allen Lloyd,1938年10月22日)出生于美国康涅狄格州斯坦福,为美国著名的男演员和企业家。

Christopher Lloyd May 2015.jpg
本名 Christopher Allen Lloyd
英文名 Christopher Lloyd
国籍  美國
出生 (1938-10-22) 1938年10月22日81歲)
职业 演员
语言 英语
宗教信仰 基督教
活跃年代 1952年至今





年份 作品 角色 备注
中文名 英文名 角色中文名 角色英文名
1975 飞越疯人院 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Max Taber
1978 Goin' South Deputy Towfield
Taxi Reverend Jim Ignatowski [3]
Three Warriors Steve Chaffey
1979 The Onion Field Jailhouse lawyer
The Lady in Red Frognose
Stunt Seven Skip Hartman
1980 Schizoid Gilbert
1981 The Legend of the Lone Ranger Maj. Bartholomew "Butch" Cavendish
The Postman Always Rings Twice
1983 Mr. Mom Larry
To Be or Not to Be S.S. Captain Schultz
1984 Cheers (TV) Phillip Semenko
星际旅行III:石破天惊 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Commander Kruge
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension John Bigbooté
National Lampoon's Joy of Sex Coach Hindenberg
1985 回到未来 Back to the Future "Doc" Emmett L. Brown
Clue Professor Plum
Street Hawk Anthony Corrido
1986 Miracles Harry
1987 Walk Like a Man Reggie Shand / Henry Shand
1988 Track 29 Henry Henry
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Judge Doom
Eight Men Out Bill Burns
1989 The Dream Team Henry Sikorsky
回到未來II Back to the Future Part II "Doc" Emmett L. Brown
1990 回到未來III Back to the Future Part III "Doc" Emmett L. Brown
Why Me? Bruno Daley
DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp Merlock the Magician
1991 Back to the Future: The Ride "Doc" Emmett L. Brown
Back to the Future: The Animated Series "Doc" Emmett L. Brown
Suburban Commando Charlie Wilcox
阿達一族 The Addams Family Uncle Fester Addams / Gordon Craven
1992 Amazing Stories: Book Two Professor B.O. Beanes
Road to Avonlea Professor Dimple-Guest star role
T bone 'N' Weasel William 'Weasel' Weasler
Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster Frank Iarossi
1993 Dennis the Menace Switchblade Sam
阿達一族2 Addams Family Values Uncle Fester Addams
Twenty Bucks Jimmy
1994 Angels in the Outfield Al "The Boss" Angel
Camp Nowhere Dennis Van Welker
The Pagemaster Mr. Dewey / The Pagemaster
In Search of Dr. Seuss Mr. Hunch
1995 Rent-a-Kid Lawrence 'Larry' Kayvey
Deadly Games Jordan Kenneth Lloyd / Sebastian Jackal
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead Pieces
1996 Cadillac Ranch Wood Grimes
Toonstruck Drew Blanc
1997 Quicksilver Highway Aaron Quicksilver
真假公主-安娜塔西亞 Anastasia Grigori Rasputin
Angels in the Endzone Al "The Boss" Angel
The Real Blonde Ernst
1999 My Favorite Martian Uncle Martin
Alice in Wonderland The White Knight
Baby Geniuses Heep
Convergence Morley Allen
Man on the Moon Jim Ignatowski,Taxi Remake
政界小人物 Spin City Owen Kingston
It Came From the Sky Jarvis Moody
2001 Wit Dr. Harvey Kelekian
When Good Ghouls Go Bad Uncle Fred Walker
Kids World Leo
The Tick Mr FishLadder
2002 Interstate 60 Ray
Wish You Were Dead Bruce
Hey Arnold!: The Movie Coroner
Cyberchase Hacker
The Big Time Doc Powers[4]
2003 Haunted Lighthouse Cap'n Jack
Tremors Cletus Poffenberger
2004 I Dream Prof. Toone
左右做人难 Malcolm in the Middle Hal's Father
2005 Stacked Professor Harold March
Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie Seymour S. Sassafrass
Bad Girls From Valley High Mr. Chauncey
白宫群英 The West Wing Lawrence Lessig
2006 A Perfect Day Michael
Valerie on the Stairs Everett Neely
2007 数字追凶 Numb3rs Ross Moore
Flakes Willie B
2008 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Carmine
Fly Me to the Moon Grandpa
The Tale of Despereaux Hovis
2009 Meteor Dr. Lehman
Knights of Bloodsteel Tesselink
Call of the Wild 'Grandpa' Bill Hale
Foodfight! Mr. Clipboard
Santa Buddies Stan Cruge
2010 食人鱼3D Piranha 3-D 古德曼教授 Mr. Goodman
The Chateau Meroux Nathan
Snowmen The Caretaker
超市特工 Chuck Dr. Leo Dreyfus
杰克与豌豆 Jack and the Beanstalk Headmaster
Back to the Future: The Game "Doc" Emmett L. Brown
2011 危机边缘 Fringe Roscoe Joyce
Love, Wedding, Marriage Dr. George
2012 Dorothy and the Witches of Oz Wizard of Oz[5]
食人鱼3DD Piranha 3DD 古德曼教授 Mr. Goodman
Last Call Pete
The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure Lero Sombrero
Thicker Augustine
Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Conspiracy Grandpa Jack
2013 綠林大冒險 Jungle Master Dr. Wells 配音
The Coin William 短片
2014 百萬種硬的方式 A Million Ways to Die in the West Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown[6] 客串
萬惡城市2:紅顏奪命 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Kroenig
The One I Wrote for You Pop
2015 88 Cyrus
Doc Brown Saves the World Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown 短片
The Boat Builder Abner
2016 I Am Not a Serial Killer Crowley
唐納·川普交易的藝術:電影版英语Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown
Cold Moon James Redfield
2017 瀟灑搶一回 Going in Style 米爾頓 Milton
Muse Rauschen
2018 Boundaries 後製
The Sound Clinton Jones 後製


年份 奖项 类别 片名 结果
1973 纽约戏剧委员会奖 最佳表演 Kaspar 獲獎
1982 黃金時段艾美獎 喜剧系列最佳男配角 Taxi 獲獎
1983 黃金時段艾美獎 喜剧系列最佳男配角 Taxi 獲獎
1986 土星獎 最佳男演员 回到未来 提名
1990 土星奖 最佳男演员 Who Framed Roger Rabbit 提名
1992 黃金時段艾美獎 喜剧系列最佳男配角 Road to Avonlea: Another Point of View 獲獎
1994 独立精神奖 最佳男演员 Twenty Bucks 獲獎
2008 日间艾美奖 喜剧系列最佳男配角 Cyberchase 提名
2013 金酸莓獎 最差搭檔(與全體演員) The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure 提名
2015 日間艾美獎 最佳動畫節目中的傑出演員 Cyberchase 提名
2016 英國獨立電影獎 最佳男配角 I Am Not a Serial Killer 提名
2017 NAVGTR獎英语National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers 最佳喜劇演員 King's Quest Chapter V: The Good Knight 獲獎


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