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aa ana 每,各 of each
AAA   用于治疗部位 apply to affected area
a.c. ante cibum 饭前 before meals
a.d. auris dextra 右耳 right ear "a"形似"o",因此该词可能被误读为"o.d.",即右眼
ad lib. ad libitum 随意,任意量 use as much as one desires; freely
admov. admove 用于 apply
agit agita stir/shake
alt. h. alternis horis 每隔1小时;每2小时 every other hour 也写作a.h.
a.m.m. ad manu medicae at doctors hand
a.m. ante meridiem 上午 morning, before noon
amp   安瓿 ampule
amt   数量 amount
aq aqua water
a.l., a.s. auris laeva, auris sinistra 左耳 left ear "a"形似"o",因此该词可能被误读为"o.s."或"o.l.",即左眼
A.T.C.   昼夜不停,24小时连续 around the clock
a.u. auris utraque 双耳 both ears "a"形似"o",因此该词可能被误读为"o.u.",即双眼
bis bis 两次 twice
b.d./b.i.d. bis in die 每天两次 twice daily
B.M.   排便 bowel movement
BNF   英国国家药典 British National Formulary
bol. bolus 大剂量给药(通常是静脉注射) as a large single dose (usually intravenously)
B.S.   血糖 blood sugar
B.S.A   体表面积 body surface areas
b.t. 就寝时间,临睡前 bedtime mistaken for "b.i.d", meaning twice daily
BUCC bucca 颊内 inside cheek
cap., caps. capsula 胶囊 capsule
c, c. cum 与...(常写作c̄) with (usually written with a bar on top of the "c")
cib. cibus 食物 food
cc cum cibo 与食物(也用作表示毫升) with food, (but also cubic centimetre) 手写体形似"U"(小写),即单位。cc亦有立方厘米/毫升的意思;在这种情况下应使用"mL"或"milliliters"
cf   与食物 with food
comp.   复方 compound
cr., crm   乳膏;霜剂 cream
CST   继续同样治疗 Continue same treatment
D 或 d   天,或者 剂 days or doses ambiguous meaning, write out "days" or "doses"
D5W   5%葡萄糖溶液 dextrose 5% solution (sometimes written as D5W)
D5NS   含5%葡萄糖的生理盐水 dextrose 5% in normal saline (0.9%)
D.A.W.   按所写(医嘱)配药 dispense as written (i.e., no generic substitution)
dc, D/C, disc   中断 或 排出 discontinue or discharge ambiguous meaning
dieb. alt. diebus alternis 每隔一天;每2天 every other day
dil.   稀释的 dilute
disp.   配药 dispersible or dispense
div.   分次...(服用) divide
dL 分升 deciliter
d.t.d. dentur tales doses 给予同剂量 give of such doses
DTO   去味鴉片酊劑 deodorized tincture of opium can easily be confused with "diluted tincture of opium," which is 1/25th the strength of deodorized tincture of opium; deaths have resulted due to massive morphine overdose
D.W.   蒸馏水 distilled water
elix.   酏剂 elixir
e.m.p. ex modo prescripto 按照指示,按处方处理 as directed
emuls. emulsum 乳剂 emulsion
et et 并且 and
eod   每隔一天 every other day
ex aq ex aqua 水中 in water
fl., fld.   fluid
ft. fiat 任其发生,顺其自然 make; let it be made
g   gram
gr   格令 grain
gtt(s) gutta(e) drop(s)
H   皮,皮下注射 hypodermic
h, hr hora 小时 hour
h.s. hora somni 就寝时 at bedtime
h.s 睡眠时 或 半强度 hour sleep or half-strength ambiguous meaning
ID   皮肤的 intradermal
IJ, inj injectio 注射 injection mistaken for "IV", meaning intravenously
IM   肌肉注射 intramuscular (with respect to injections)
IN 鼻内 intranasal mistaken for "IM", meaning intramuscular, or "IV", meaning intravenously
IP   腹膜内的 intraperitoneal
IU 国际单位制 en:international unit mistaken for "IV" or "10", spell out "international unit"
IV   静脉治疗 intravenous
IVP   静脉推注 intravenous push
IVPB   intravenous piggyback
kg   千克 kilogram
L.A.S.   label as such
LCD   煤焦油 coal tar solution
lin linimentum 搽剂 liniment
liq liquor 溶液,液体 solution
lot.   洗剂 lotion
MAE 活动四肢 Moves All Extremities
mane mane 晨时 in the morning
M. misce 混合 mix
m, min minimum 最小值 a minimum
mcg 微克 en:microgram Recommended replacement for "µg" which may be confused with "mg"
m.d.u. more dicto utendus 按照指示使用 to be used as directed
mEq   毫当量 milliequivalent
mg   毫克 milligram
mg/dL 毫克/分升 milligrams per deciliter
MgSO4 硫酸镁 en:magnesium sulfate may be confused with "MSO4", spell out "magnesium sulfate"
mist. mistura 混合 mix
mitte mitte 发送 send
mL   毫升 millilitre
MS 硫酸吗啡 或 硫酸镁 en:morphine sulfate or en:magnesium sulfate can mean either morphine sulfate or magnesium sulfate, spell out either
MSO4 硫酸吗啡 en:morphine sulfate may be confused with "硫酸镁", spell out "morphine sulfate"
nebul nebula 喷雾 a spray
N.M.T.   不超过 not more than
noct. nocte 夜里 at night
non rep. non repetatur 不重复 no repeats
NPO nil per os 禁食英语Nothing by mouth,禁饮水 nothing by mouth
NS   生理盐水 normal saline (0.9%)
1/2NS   半浓度生理盐水 half normal saline (0.45%)
N.T.E.   不超过 not to exceed
o_2   双眼 both eyes, sometimes written as o2
od omne in die 每天 every day/once daily (preferred to qd in the UK[2])
od oculus dexter 右眼 right eye "o"形似"a",因此該詞可能被誤讀為"a.d.",即右耳,confusion with omne in die
om omne mane 每天上午(晨时) every morning
on omne nocte 每夜 every night
o.p.d.   每天一次 once per day
o.s. oculus sinister 左眼 left eye "o"形似"a",因此該詞可能被誤讀為"a.s.",即左耳
o.u. oculus uterque 雙眼 both eyes "o"形似"a",因此該詞可能被誤讀為"a.u.",即雙耳
oz   盎司 en:ounce
per per 经;通过 by or through
p.c. post cibum 饭后 after meals
pig./pigm. pigmentum 涂剂 paint
p.m. post meridiem 下午与晚上 evening or afternoon
p.o. en:per os 经口,口服 by mouth or orally
p.r. per rectum 经直肠 by rectum
PRN, prn en:pro re nata 按需 as needed
pulv. pulvis 散剂 powder
PV per vaginam 经阴道 via the vagina
q quaque 每,各 every, per
q.a.d. quaque alternis die 每隔一天 every other day
q.a.m. quaque die ante meridiem 每天午前 every day before noon
q.d.s. quater die sumendus 每天四次 four times a day can be mistaken for "qd" (every day)
q.p.m. quaque die post meridiem 每天下午或每晚 every day after noon or every evening
q.h. quaque hora 每小时 every hour
q.h.s. quaque hora somni 每夜就寝时 every night at bedtime
q.1 h, q.1° quaque 1 hora 每小时(可用其它数字替换"1") every 1 hour; (can replace "1" with other numbers)
q.d., q1d quaque die 每天 every day mistaken for "QOD" or "qds," spell out "every day" or "daily"
q.i.d. quater in die 每天四次 four times a day can be mistaken for "qd" or "qod," write out "four times a day"
q4PM 下午4时 at 4pm mistaken to mean every four hours
q.o.d. quaque ommi die 每隔一天;每两天 every other day mistaken for "QD," spell out "every other day"
qqh quater quaque hora 每四小时 every four hours
q.s. quantum sufficiat 足够量 a sufficient quantity
QWK 每周 every week
R   直肠 rectal
rep., rept. repetatur 重复 repeats
RL, R/L   乳酸林格氏液 en:Ringer's lactate
s sine 没有... without (usually written with a bar on top of the "s")
s.a. secundum artem 按常规 according to the art (accepted practice); use your judgement
SC, subc, subcut, subq, SQ   皮下 subcutaneous "SC" can be mistaken for "SL," meaning sublingual; "SQ" can be mistaken for "5Q" meaning five every dose
s.i.d/SID semel in die 每天一次 once a day used exclusively in veterinary medicine
sig signa write on label
SL   舌下 sublingually, under the tongue
sol solutio 溶液 solution
s.o.s., si op. sit si opus sit 需要时 if there is a need
ss semis one half or sliding scale mistaken for "55" or "1/2"
SSI, SSRI sliding scale insulin or sliding scale regular en:insulin mistaken to mean "strong en:solution of en:iodine" or "en:selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor"
SNRI (antidepressant) 5-羟色胺/去甲肾上腺素再摄取抑制剂(抗抑郁) Serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor
SSRI (antidepressant) 抗抑郁的选择性5-羟色胺再吸收抑制剂 selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (a specific class of antidepressant)
stat statim 立即 immediately
SubQ 皮下 subcutaneously
supp suppositorium 栓剂 en:suppository
susp   混悬剂 suspension
syr syrupus 糖浆剂 syrup
tab tabella 片剂 tablet
tal., t talus such
tbsp   汤匙 en:tablespoon
troche trochiscus 锭剂 lozenge
t.d.s. ter die sumendum 每天三次 three times a day
t.i.d. ter in die 每天三次 three times a day
t.i.w.   每周三次 three times a week mistaken for twice a week
top.   局部的 topical
T.P.N.   全肠外营养 en:total parenteral nutrition
tr, tinc., tinct.   酊剂 tincture
tsp   1茶匙(约5毫升) en:teaspoon
U 度量单位 unit mistaken for a "4", "0" or "cc", spell out "unit"
u.d., ut. dict. ut dictum 作为指示 as directed
ung. unguentum 软膏 ointment
U.S.P.   美国药典 en:United States Pharmacopoeia
vag   阴道的 vaginally
w   with
w/a   醒时 while awake
wf   与食物 with food (with meals)
w/o   没有... without
X   次数 times
Y.O.   年龄 years old
μg 微克 en:microgram mistaken for "mg", meaning en:milligram


符号 拉丁文 中文 英文 注释
@ at mistaken for "2"; spell out "at"
> 大于 greater than mistaken for a "7"
< 小于 less than mistaken for an "L"
recipe 处方 take, take this, or take thus




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