庭审专家》(英語:Bull)是一部美国律政题材的电视剧,以前《海军犯罪调查局》主演迈克·韦瑟利为主要角色。CBS电视网在2016年5月13日宣布订购该电视剧,,[1] 并于同年7月20日开播本剧。[2] 本剧是以前段日子脱口秀主持人菲儿·麦格罗英语Phil McGraw在庭审时的表现为蓝本进行创作。[3]

制作国家/地区  美國
语言 英语
季数 2
集数 32(每集列表
每集长度 43分钟
配乐 杰夫·罗纳英语Jeff Rona
发行公司 CBS电视发行公司英语CBS Television Distribution
首播频道 CBS电视网
播出国家/地区  美國
播出日期 2016年7月20日-至今
中国大陆 庭审专家
台湾 律政狂牛
港澳 律政狂牛
IMDb 介绍

2016年10月17日,CBS电视网宣布将本剧拓展为23集的完整季播剧。[4] 2017年3月23日,CBS宣布续订本剧第二季。[5]


《庭审专家》根据一群为庭审统计公司(Trial Analysis Corporation)服务的雇员故事所展开,庭审统计公司是一家由心理学家和“庭审科学”专家杰森·布尔博士所领导的陪审团咨询公司。布尔利用自己和自己团队成员的技能帮助自己的客户挑选合适的陪审员,并协助客户的律师甄选合适的辩护方式来赢取陪审团支持。


演員 角色 粵語配音
季度 演出
1 2 3
Michael Weatherly
Jason Bull
潘文柏 主演
Freddy Rodriguez
Benjamin "Benny" Colón
黃啟昌 主演
Geneva Carr
Marissa Morgan
黃玉娟 主演
Jaime Lee Kirchner
Danielle "Danny" James
陳琴雲 主演
Annabelle Attanasio
Cable McCrory
凌晞 主演
Christopher Jackson
Chunk Palmer
蕭徽勇 主演




集数 分集标题 导演 编剧 首播日期 制作
The Necklace
罗德里戈·加西亚英语Rodrigo García (director)保罗·阿塔纳西奥英语Paul Attanasio
菲儿·麦格罗英语Phil McGraw
2016年9月20日 (2016-09-20)10115.56[15]
Dr. Jason Bull, a divorced psychologist and expert jury consultant, is hired to help defend the son of a millionaire who had sex with a drug-dealing girl from his school. When the son is accused of murdering the girl, Bull must use his skills and technology to deduce the intentions of the jurors, his client, and all involved.
The Woman in 8D
道格·阿尼奥科斯基英语Doug Aarniokoski马克·戈夫曼英语Mark Goffman
大卫·威尔科克斯英语David Wilcox (screenwriter)
2016年9月27日 (2016-09-27)10213.61[16]
A commercial plane crash due to wind shear causes the deaths of 62 people, with the plane's female pilot, Captain Taylor Mathison (Trieste Kelly Dunn), being the lone survivor. To avoid negative publicity, the airline is complicit in getting a negligence lawsuit brought against Mathison. When Bull and his team learn juries would more likely acquit a male pilot, they must help Mathison get her life back and not be judged by her gender. In so doing, Bull convinces Mathison to fire her lawyer, who wants to settle, and has Benny try the case.
杨·埃利亚斯堡英语Jan Eliasberg立兹·克鲁格Liz Kruger
克雷格·夏皮罗英语Craig Shapiro
2016年10月11日 (2016-10-11)10413.00[17]
Bull and his team defend Reese (Celeste Arias), accused of the previously unsolved murder of a star college basketball player, after popular crime blogger Ellen Huff (Sarah Steele) reveals Reese was raped by the murder victim and had made threats against him. The case pits Benny against his former colleague and flame, Amanda (Tiffany Villarin). The team has to create reasonable doubt for the jurors by uncovering a steroid scandal among the basketball team as well as unedited audio that reveals Huff omitted salient facts in her blog. Things become more complicated when Huff herself ends up dead.
丹尼斯·史密斯杰西·斯特恩Jesse Stern2016年10月18日 (2016-10-18)10512.29[18]
When young genius Kerry Ketchum (Barrett Doss) is accused of patent infringement upon developing a superior drug to treat hemophilia B, which her baby sister has, Bull and his team have to travel to the (fictional) West Texas town of Callisto, where the case will be tried. While facing strong odds against winning, given that the town always favors their local prosecution teams in patent cases, Bull must also face former adversary Diana Lindsay (Jill Flint), his opponent in the only previous case he didn't win.
Just Tell the Truth
彼得·维纳英语Peter Werner科尔·马利斯卡Cole Maliska2016年10月25日 (2016-10-25)10611.61[19]
Budding chef Richard Fleer (Zach Appelman) confronts his fiancée after overhearing a conversation with her parents who disapprove of their marriage, and she storms out. She is later found dead in an alley, and a detective (Chance Kelly) is able to get a confession out of Richard. Dr. Bull is offered the job of supporting the prosecution in the case against Richard, but after hearing Richard's confession, Bull decides to support the defense. His team must now work with public defender Issac Chambers (Jeremy Shamos) to convince the jury that Richard's confession was coerced, while also looking for the real killer. Elsewhere, Marissa, Cable, and Danny try to convince Chunk that he should investigate his upcoming date.
Bedside Manner
Paul EdwardsDan Dietz2016年11月15日 (2016-11-15)10711.87[20]
Talented surgeon Dr. Terry Robeson (Tom Lipinski) is accused of malpractice when one of his surgeries results in an emergency hysterectomy on a woman who tried for years to get pregnant. Bull and his team must work past the doctor's arrogance to convince the jury that the doctor had no other choice during the disastrous procedure.
Never Saw the Sign
Peter LetoMark Goffman & Elizabeth Peterson2016年11月22日 (2016-11-22)10310.87[21]
Bull uncovers a conspiracy involving a corrupt assemblyman (John Ventimiglia) while helping a new client facing vehicular manslaughter charges. Also, Danny and Cable investigate why Marissa is acting and dressing differently.
Too Perfect
Dan Lerner故事構思:Blake Taylor
劇本創作:Elizabeth Peterson
2016年12月6日 (2016-12-06)10911.68[22]
Bull must help his ex-wife Isabella (Yara Martinez) when a man files a wrongful death suit against her company after his wife died from an allergic reaction to one of her products. Bull must not only prove to the jury that his ex-wife isn't as perfect as she seems, but also that the death was not directly due to the product.
Light My Fire
Dennis SmithDavid Wilcox2016年12月13日 (2016-12-13)10811.61[23]
When an arson fire in Bull's hometown in New Hampshire results in a man's death, Bull ends up deciding to defend the prime suspect in the fire. The suspect, like Bull himself, comes from a family with a poor reputation in town. The TAC team arrives to help Bull and Benny demonstrate the danger of gossip and prove that family names don't dictate people.
Brad Turner故事構思:Sam McConnell
劇本創作:David Hoselton
2017年1月3日 (2017-01-03)11011.30[24]
Bull defends Ginny Bretton (Justine Lupe), the young CEO of a company that was testing software for driverless cars when an employee was killed by the prototype.
Teacher's Pet
Holly DaleChris Erric Maddox & Indira Gibson Wilson2017年1月17日 (2017-01-17)11111.11[25]
Bull and his team deal with an underage student who is in a romantic relationship with his now-pregnant teacher, and soon learn that the woman's estranged husband – not the student – is the father of her unborn child. But will that split the duo up?
Stockholm Syndrome
Jet Wilkinson故事構思:Jesse Stern
劇本創作:Dr. Phillip C. McGraw
2017年1月24日 (2017-01-24)11211.17[26]
Following an explosion at TAC headquarters, Bull, the team, and the mirror jurors find themselves being held hostage by a woman who wants TAC's help in freeing her husband from prison.
The Fall
Doug AarniokoskiDavid Hoselton & Thomas Wong2017年2月7日 (2017-02-07)11310.78[27]
Bull helps disgraced Titanfall multiplayer champion Jace (Omar Maskati) file a suit against his former employer, after the employer publicly accuses Jace of intentionally losing a championship match and fires him.
It's Classified
Dennis Smith故事構思:Chamblee Smith
劇本創作:Ashley Gable
2017年2月14日 (2017-02-14)11410.64[28]
Bull comes to the defense of a military intelligence officer who leaked documents, leaving TAC offline and Benny in hot water.
What's Your Number?
Edward OrnelasCole Maliska2017年2月21日 (2017-02-21)11510.66[29]
After a skybridge collapse kills fifteen people, Bull helps prosecute a New York real estate tycoon (and his landlord), only to discover he's a sociopath who will do anything to win, whether it be hiring one of Bull's toughest opponents as his attorney, bribing the mirror jurors, or shutting down the power in TAC.
Free Fall
Jan EliasbergJohn A. Norris2017年3月7日 (2017-03-07)11610.39[30]
The Governor of New Hampshire takes his senior office staff skydiving and dies when his parachute fails to deploy; the owner of the skydiving company is also killed attempting to save the Governor. Bull offers his services to the skydiving company, now run by the owner's daughter, after they are sued by the Governor's widow. Meanwhile, Bull is challenged by the widow's counsel, one-time trial partner Liberty Davis, while Danny investigates possible sabotage.
Name Game
Laura BelseyPamela Wechsler2017年3月28日 (2017-03-28)11710.90[31]
Bull funds a class-action lawsuit pitting thousands of victims against a bank that ran a corrupt pump-and-dump investment division, which puts his business at risk.
Dressed to Kill[32]
David BarrettAshley Gable2017年4月4日 (2017-04-04)119待定
Bring it On[33]
Doug AarniokoskiSimran Baidwan2017年4月18日 (2017-04-18)120待定


播出国家 播出电视台 播出日期 备注
亞洲 RTL CBS Entertainment 2016年9月21日
  英國 福斯英国台英语FOX UK 2017年1月13日
  澳大利亚 十号电视网 2017年3月5日 [34]
  新西蘭 新西兰精选电视台英语Prime Television New Zealand 2017年1月19日 [35]
  香港 無綫電視明珠台 2018年1月25日


《庭审专家》从剧评家那里收到了负面评价。在烂番茄网站,首集播出后,基于21条评论,24%的观众只给了平均4分(满分10分)的低分。该网站一致认为,“迈克·韦瑟利的表现是优秀的,但是还不足以挽救整部剧集。该剧过分依赖于一系列老掉牙的庭审表演和倒胃口的设定。”[36] 而在Metacritic网站上,基于19条评论,本剧获得了40分(满分为100分)。[37]


  香港無綫電視明珠台 星期四 22:40-23:35
接档 律政狂牛(第一季)
(2018.01.25 - 2018.07.05)
(2017.10.05 - 2018.01.18)
(2018.07.12 - 2018.10.25)


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