拉丁語短語列表(List of Latin phrases)以下是一些常用的拉丁文短语。拉丁语罗马帝国的官方语言,现在欧洲的许多语言都含有拉丁语的借词。许多拉丁语词汇也是从古希腊文引入。

由于两千多年來的改变,许多词的含义和用法已经改变了。请读者参考专业辞典。比如“ad hominem”直译是“对着人”,英文常用的意思是“從個人偏好出發”或“呼吁个人的同情”,但是在哲学上的意思是“人身攻击的谬误”。[1]


拉丁短语 缩写 英语直译 中文翻译
a fortiori from the stronger 更加、舉重以明輕
ad libitum ad-lib at one's pleasure 随意即兴
a posteriori from the latter 归纳地後驗、以经验为根据(對照:a priori)
a priori from the former 演绎地先驗、以推论为根据(對照:a posteriori)
ad hoc for this 特设的、特定目的的(地)、即席的、临时的、将就的、专案的
ad hominem to the man 诉诸人身、对人不对事、因人废言、以人废言或人身攻击的谬误
ad infinitum to infinity 无限地
ad nauseam to sea sickness 令人作呕地
anno Domini A.D. in the year of our Lord 公元
ante meridiem a.m. before noon 上午
bona fide in good faith 真诚的、无欺的
camera obscura dark chamber 暗箱
carpe diem seize the day 及时行乐、抓住时机
ceteris paribus with all other factors the same 其他条件[情况]均同
circa ca. about; used especially in approximate dates 大约
cum laude with honor 优等、拉丁文学位荣誉
de facto from the fact 事实上的(對照:de jure)
de jure concerning the law, by right 規則上的(對照:de facto)
et alia et al. and others; and elsewhere 以及其他、等等
et cetera etc. and the rest; and so forth; and so on 以及其他、等等
ex libris from the books 从书中、参见藏书票
ex parte from part, from one side 片面的
ex post facto afterwards 事后的、有追溯效力的
ex situ the opposite of "in situ" 异位的
exempli gratia e.g. for example; such as 例如
ibidem ibid. in the aformentioned place 同前引证
id est i.e. that is
idem the same as previously given 同上
in camera in a chamber, in private, secretly 私下地、法官室
in loco parentis in place of a parent 代替父母
in medias res into the midst of things (情节)中间切入
in situ in place or position undisturbed 在原处
in vivo "in the living", (performed) in a living organism 在活体内
inter alia among other things 除其他因素之外
intra vires within the power 权力之内,有权行为(對照:ultra vires)
ipse dixit he himself said it 亲口所述、没有证实的断言
ipso facto by the fact itself 根据事实
locum tenens place holder 暫時代班、具同等資歷、常用於醫生、神職、常簡化為locum
magna cum laude with great honor 极优等、拉丁文学位荣誉
magnum opus a great work 巨著,杰作
memento mori remember that you must die 死的象征、记住你会死
mirabile dictu wonderful to say 说也奇怪
mirabile visu wonderful to see 光怪陆离的
modus operandi way of operating 操作方法、程序、习惯
ne plus ultra (go) no more beyond 极致、极点
noli me tangere do not touch me 禁止接触
non sequitur it does not follow 不合逻辑的推论
nota bene note well 值得留意、請讀者留意
opere citato op. cit. in the work cited 在列举的著作中
per capita by heads 按人头算、每人
per diem by the day 按日给予津贴、每日
per fas et nefas by right or wrong 無論好壞、無論正當與否
per se by or of itself 本身,本质上
persona grata pleasing person 受欢迎的人,接受外交官(對照:persona non grata)
persona non grata unwelcome person 不受欢迎的人,驱逐外交官(對照:persona grata)
post hoc after this 後此謬誤(後此故因此謬誤)
post meridiem p.m. after noon 下午
post mortem after death 死后、验尸、事后
post partum after birth 产后
prima facie at first appearance 乍看的、表面的、自明的
pro forma for form 形式上的、提前的、备考的(商业文件)
quid pro quo something given in exchange for something 交换物、替代物、报复
quod erat demonstrandum Q.E.D. which had to be shown 即证
sic thus 原文如此
sine die without a day, indefinitely 无限期地、未定地
sine qua non without which not 没有什么(原因)不、要素、先决条件
status quo in state in which 现状
sui generis of its own kind, unique, peculiar 别具一格的
summa cum laude with highest honor 最优等、拉丁文学位荣誉
tempus fugit time flies 光阴似箭
ultra vires beyond the power 权力之外,越权行为(對照:intra vires)
vice versa conversely; in reverse order from that stated 反之亦然、反者亦然
vide ante see before 见前
vide infra see below 见下
vide post see after 见后
vide supra see above 见上
videlicet viz. that is to say; namely 即、就是说、换言之


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