頑皮豹(英語:Pink Panther)又稱粉紅豹傻豹,動畫角色,1960~1970年代間曾推出多部電視動畫作品。

The Pink Panther
演員Rich Little(in Sink Pink and Pink Ice


起初只是在1963年的真人電影《烏龍幫辦》片頭中登場,想不到大受好評。無心插柳的創作人弗里茲·弗里倫英语Friz Freleng,翌年首度製作一段長達七分鐘、名為《The Pink Phink》的動畫短片,在此之後,這個動畫角色就使用「Pink Panther」這個名稱。

1964年4月11日首次以電影形式出現,這是一部偵探電影,由華納兄弟電影出身的大衛·迪帕達英语David DePatie設計。

頑皮豹不單止為《烏龍幫辦》系列的真人電影作綠葉,更跳出獨當大樑,贏得1965年奧斯卡最佳動畫短片大獎。於是福瑞兹·弗里伦英语Friz Freleng和大衛·迪帕達另外製作了一系列的頑皮豹卡通,加上亨利·曼西尼Henry Mancini)朗朗上口的「The Pink Panther Theme」旋律,立即風靡全球,共推出有32部卡通影集。


  • 頑皮豹(Pink Panther)
    • 最喜欢的颜色:粉红色
    • 最害怕的东西:狗(尤其是看门狗,頑皮豹每次经过有狗的门都要费一番周折)
    • 最敏感的东西:花和樹葉(頑皮豹鼻子一聞就會過敏打噴嚏)
  • 大鼻子先生(白佬)
    • 故事中常出現的角色,经常因为頑皮豹的原因而倒霉。他还有一条小狗(在有的剧情里有出现),这条小狗对他很忠诚,不过常被主人误解,為了爭取名聲不惜一切,毫無運動家的精神。
    • 最喜欢的颜色:蓝色
    • 最討厭的东西:頑皮豹
  • 小馬:後期才出現
  • 小狗:大鼻子先生養的,小狗对他很忠诚,不过常因為頑皮豹作弄而被主人误解


  • 兩光探長克魯梭(The Inspector)、兩光助手嘟嘟
  • 食蟻獸與紅蟻(The Aardvark And The Ant)
  • 瘋腿老鶴(CrazyLegs Crane)、噴火蜻蜓
  • 德州蟾蜍(Texas Toads)
  • 鯊魚(Misterjaw)
  • Hoot Kloot
  • Roland and Rattfink
  • The Dogfather
  • The Blue Racer

頑皮豹動畫秀(The Pink Panther Show)编辑

頑皮豹動畫秀(The Pink Panther Show)總共分為三個卡通單元,第一單元及第三單元分別是主角頑皮豹的卡通單元,第二單元則是以頑皮豹的朋友們為主角的卡通單元:第一季的頑皮豹動畫秀第二單元是以兩光探長克魯梭與兩光探員嘟嘟為主角的爆笑偵探單元;第二季則是以食蟻獸與紅蟻為主角的爆笑單元(《頑皮豹動畫秀2010》第二單元重新以新卡通單元復出);第三季則是以瘋腿老鶴為主角的爆笑單元。頑皮豹基本上以默劇式方式演出,並搭配頑皮豹的經典主題曲,讓看動畫的觀眾一聽該主題曲就知道是頑皮豹登場。頑皮豹的朋友們登場(第二單元)則不以默劇式演出,以配音說話演出。

頑皮豹動畫秀 (1969–1970)编辑

  • 由美國國家廣播公司NBC製作。
  • 總共有32集,每集三個卡通單元:第一單元是頑皮豹動畫單元、第二單元是兩光探長克魯梭動畫單元、第三單元是頑皮豹動畫單元。
  • 第21集、第32集因美國國家廣播公司為了接續新作,兩光探長克魯梭動畫單元將告終,因此將第一單元及第三單元改成兩光探長克魯梭動畫單元、第二單元則是頑皮豹動畫單元。
Episode No. 頑皮豹  兩光探長  頑皮豹
#001 The Pink Blueprint Bomb Voyage The Pink Tail Fly
#002 Pinto Pink Le Pig-Al Patrol In the Pink
#003 Jet Pink The Pique Poquette of Paris Tickled Pink
#004 The Pink Pill Plastered in Paris Pink Pistons (mistitled Pink Piston)
#005 Rock A Bye Pinky Toulouse La Trick Sink Pink
#006 Prehistoric Pink Reaux, Reaux, Reaux Your Boat Come On In! The Water's Pink
#007 Pink Pest Control Tour de Farce Pink-A-Boo
#008 Pink Panic Transylvania Mania An Ounce of Pink
#009 Prefabricated Pink Le Bowser Bagger Sky Blue Pink
#010 Dial "P" for Pink Napoleon Blown-Aparte Bully for Pink
#011 Pink Sphinx Cock-a-Doodle Deux-Deux The Pink Phink
#012 Pink of the Litter The Great De Gaulle Stone Operation Shocking Pink
#013 Pink Valiant Le Quiet Squad The Hand Is Pinker Than the Eye
#014 Reel Pink Les Miserobots Smile Pretty, Say Pink
#015 Put-Put, Pink French Freud Pink is a Many Splintered Thing
#016 Extinct Pink Le Great Dane Robbery The Pink Quarterback
#017 Genie with the Light Pink Fur Cherche Le Phantom Pinknic
#018 G.I. Pink Carte Blanched Pinkadilly Circus
#019 Lucky Pink The Shooting of Caribou Lou Pink in the Clink
#020 Little Beaux Pink Bear de Guerre The Pink Package Plot
#021 Pierre and Cottage Cheese Pinkcome Tax Cirrhosis of the Louvre
#022 Pink Pajamas Sicque! Sicque! Sicque! Pink Ice
#023 Pickled Pink Ape Suzette Pinkfinger
#024 Pink Punch Unsafe and Seine Vitamin Pink
#025 Pink, Plunk, Plink That's No Lady — That's Notre Dame! Pink Outs
#026 Pink Paradise Sacre Bleu Cross Congratulations It's Pink
#027 Psychedelic Pink Le Escape Goat Pink Posies
#028 Super Pink Le Cop on Le Rocks Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pink
#029 Slink Pink Canadian Can-Can Pink-A-Rella
#030 In the Pink of the Night London Derriere Think Before You Pink
#031 Pink Panzer La Feet's Defeat Pink on the Cob
#032 Le Ball and Chain Gang We Give Pink Stamps Crow de Guerre

頑皮豹動畫秀 (1971–1974)编辑

  • 由美國國家廣播公司NBC製作。
  • 總共有17集,每集三個卡通單元:第一單元是頑皮豹動畫單元、第二單元是食蟻獸與紅蟻動畫單元、第三單元是頑皮豹動畫單元。
  • 第二單元則是新動畫單元:食蟻獸與紅蟻。
  • 打*為舊集數
Episode No. 頑皮豹 食蟻獸與紅蟻 頑皮豹
#001 In the Pink of the Night* Technology, Phooey Super Pink*
#002 Think Before You Pink* Ants in the Pantry Pink-a-Rella*
#003 Twinkle Twinkle Little Pink* Isle of Caprice Pink Punch*
#004 Pink on the Cob* Rough Brunch Congratulations It's Pink*
#005 Pink Outs* Scratch a Tiger Pink, Plunk, Plink*
#006 Extinct Pink* Science Friction Pink Paradise*
#007 A Fly in the Pink The Ant From Uncle Pinkfinger*
#008 Pink Blue Plate The Froze Nose Knows Little Beaux Pink*
#009 Pink Tuba-Dore Dune Bug Sink Pink*
#010 Pink-In Don't Hustle an Ant with Muscle The Pink Tail Fly*
#011 Psst Pink Never Bug an Ant The Pink Blueprint*
#012 Psychedelic Pink* The Ant and the Aardvark Gong with the Pink
#013 Pink Pranks Hasty But Tasty In the Pink*
#014 The Pink Flea I've Got Ants in My Plans Pinto Pink*
#015 Slink Pink* Odd Ant Out Tickled Pink*
#016 Pinkadilly Circus* From Bed to Worse Pinkcome Tax*
#017 We Give Pink Stamps* Mumbo Jumbo Lucky Pink*

頑皮豹動畫秀 (1974–1976)编辑

  • 由美國國家廣播公司NBC製作。
  • 總共有17集,每集三個卡通單元:第一單元是頑皮豹動畫單元、第二單元是食蟻獸與紅蟻動畫單元、第三單元是頑皮豹動畫單元。
  • 第一單元的頑皮豹動畫是全新集數,其他第二及第三單元都是舊集數。
  • 打*為新畫風繪製。
Episode No. 頑皮豹
#001 Salmon Pink The Ant and the Aardvark The Pink Phink
#002 Pink Streaker Never Bug an Ant Reel Pink
#003 Pink Plasma The Ant from Uncle The Pink Tail Fly
#004 Pink Campaign* Technology Phooey Smile Pretty Say Pink
#005 Pink Piper Hasty But Tasty The Pink Blueprint
#006 Bobolink Pink Isle of Caprice Pink-a-Boo
#007 Trail of the Lonesome Pink Dune Bug Pink, Plunk, Plink
#008 Pink Aye Ants in the Pantry Genie with the Light Pink Fur
#009 Keep Our Forests Pink Science Friction Super Pink
#010 Pink DaVinci Odd Ant Out Prefabricated Pink
#011 Forty Pink Winks* Rough Brunch Pink Outs
#012 Sherlock Pink* I've Got Ants in My Plans Pinkadilly Circus
#013 Therapeutic Pink* Don't Hustle an Ant with Muscle Come On In The Water's Pink!
#014 Pink Elephant* Scratch a Tiger Twinkle Twinkle Little Pink
#015 It's Pink But Is It Mink?* The Froze Nose Knows Pink Pest Control
#016 The Scarlet Pinkernel Mumbo Jumbo Slink Pink
#017 Mystic Pink From Bed to Worse In the Pink of the Night

頑皮豹動畫秀 (1978–1980)编辑

  • 由美國廣播公司ABC製作。
  • 總共有16集,每集三個卡通單元:第一單元是頑皮豹動畫單元、第二單元是瘋腿老鶴動畫單元、第三單元是頑皮豹動畫單元。
  • 第二單元則是新動畫單元:瘋腿老鶴。
  • 打*為舊集數,但舊集數中會增加新的動畫片段,並以新的配樂重新製作。
  • 《頑皮豹動畫秀》從美國國家廣播公司NBC跳槽至美國廣播公司ABC,並以新的配樂、新的畫風繪製頑皮豹,並為頑皮豹出版各樣式的動畫特別篇。
Episode No. 頑皮豹 瘋腿老鶴 頑皮豹
#001 Pink Bananas Crane Brained Pinktails for Two
#002 Pink Arcade Life With Feather Pink S.W.A.T.
#003 Pink Suds King of the Swamp Pink Pull
#004 Toro Pink Winter Blunderland Pink in the Woods
#005 Spark Plug Pink Sonic Broom Pink Breakfast
#006 Pink Lightning Storky and Hatch Pink in the Drink
#007 Doctor Pink Bug Off Pink Pictures
#008 Supermarket Pink Animal Crackups String Along in Pink
#009 Pink Lemonade Fly-by-Knight Pink Trumpet
#010 Dietetic Pink Sneaker Snack Sprinkle Me Pink
#011 Pink Daddy Barnacle Bird Cat and the Pinkstalk
#012 Pink Quackers Jet Feathers Pink and Shovel
#013 Yankee Doodle Pink* Beach Bummer Pinkologist*
#014 Pet Pink Pebbles* Nest Quest The Pink of Bagdad*
#015 Pink Press Flower Power Pink U.F.O.
#016 Pink Z-Z-Z Trail of the Lonesome Mine Star Pink

新頑皮豹動畫秀 (1993–1995)编辑

  • 由美國米高梅電視公司製作。
  • 總共有60集,每集兩個卡通單元。
  • 美國米高梅電視公司接手製作《頑皮豹動畫秀》後,一改過去頑皮豹的默劇式演出方式,並改以配音說話演出,但並不受好評。
  • 《新頑皮豹動畫秀》取消第二個卡通單元,總共為兩個卡通單元,兩個卡通單元都以主角頑皮豹為主,而頑皮豹也不再以默劇式演出,而開始出現配音說話。
Episode No. 頑皮豹
#001 Pink, Pink & Away Down on the Ant Farm
#002 Pink and Quiet The Pinky 500
#003 The Ghost and Mr. Panther Cleopanthra
#004 Big Top Pinky Yeti Nother Bigfoot Story
#005 Pinky In Paradise Department Store Pinkerton
#006 Moby Pink The Pink Stuff
#007 Pink Pizza Pink Painter
#008 Pink Paparazzi Werewolf in Panther's Clothing
#009 Rock Me Pink Pinkus Pantherus
#010 Pilgrim Panther That Old Pink Magic
#011 Pink-anderthal Man Pink Kong
#012 The Magnificent Pink One Downhill Panther
#013 14 Karat Pink Robo-Pink
#014 Pink Encounters Junkyard Pink Blues
#015 Pantherobics Pinkenstein
#016 Pinky Rider Midnight Ride of Pink Revere
#017 Pinky...He Delivers Super-Pink's Egg-cellent Adventure
#018 Cowboy Pinky Stealth Panther
#019 Pinkazuma's Revenge Pink Down Under
#020 Pinkadoon A Camp Pink We Will Go
#021 Icy Pink The End of Superpink?
#022 All for Pink and Pink for All Service with a Pink Smile
#023 Trains, Pains, and Panthers Wet and Wild Pinky
#024 From Hair to Eternity Strike Flea, You're Out!
#025 Cinderpink It's a Bird! It's a Pain! It's Superfan!
#026 Who's Smiling Now? (The Inspector) Robin Hoodwinked
#027 Hook Line and Pinker Valentine Pink
#028 Dino Sour Head The Luck of the Pinkish
#029 The Inspector...Not (The Inspector) Pink Links
#030 Stool Parrot (The Inspector) Pinky and Slusho
#031 Panthergeist Pink Pending's Pink Slip
#032 The Three Pink Porker The Heart of Pinkness
#033 The Inspector's Most Wanted (The Inspector) Pinky Appleseed
#034 Calling Dr. Panther For Those Who Pink Young
#035 Lights, Camera, Voodoo I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas
#036 Wiener Takes All The Easter Panther
#037 The Inspector's Club (The Inspector) A Royal Pain
#038 Black & White & Pink All Over Beach Blanket Pinky
#039 Digging for Dollars (The Inspector) Pinknocchio
#040 Pink Up the River Long John Pinky
#041 Muff the Magic Dragon Pink Thumb
#042 Pink Dilemma Oh, Varkula
#043 Ice Blue Pink Pink Trek
#044 Legend of El Pinko Pinky Big
#045 Eric the Pink Pretty and Pink
#046 Built for Speed Pooch the Panther
#047 Pinky in Toyland The Detective of Oz
#048 Royal Canadian Mounted Panther Power of Pink
#049 Lifestyles of the Pink and Famous Happy Trails Pinky
#050 A Hard Day's Pink You Only Pink Twice
#051 It's Just a Gypsy in My Soup Three Aliens and A Footstool
#052 Mummy Dearest Feast of Famine
#053 No Pink is an Island Pinky and the Golden Fleece
#054 Home Stretch Pinky Pink Pucks
#055 The Reluctant Ninja Pantherella
#056 Pink's Ark Rain or Snow or Pink of Night
#057 Pink in the Middle Pink in the Poke
#058 A Nut at the Opera Hamm-n-Eggz
#059 Voodoo Man 7 Manly Men
#060 Driving Mr. Pink

頑皮豹動畫秀2010 (2010-2011)编辑

  • 由美國米高梅電視公司製作。
  • 總共有26集,每集三個卡通單元:第一單元是頑皮豹動畫單元、第二單元是食蟻獸與紅蟻動畫單元、第三單元是頑皮豹動畫單元。
  • 美國米高梅電視公司第二度嘗試重新製作《頑皮豹動畫秀》,記取1990年代《新頑皮豹動畫秀》的教訓,這次重新繪製後,重新回歸過去默劇式演出的頑皮豹。
  • 《頑皮豹動畫秀2010》恢復三個卡通單元,頑皮豹重新以默劇方式演出,頑皮豹的朋友食蟻獸與紅蟻也重新在卡通第二單元復出。
  • 主角頑皮豹及食蟻獸與紅蟻的畫風皆以兒童化方式呈現。
Episode No. 頑皮豹
#001 Pink Up the Volume Zeus Juice A Pink and Stormy Night
#002 Pink Hi-Tops Land of the Gi-Ants Pink Thumb
#003 Pink Magic Party Animals Pink n Putt
#004 Pinxillated Zoo Ruse The Spy Wore Pink
#005 Remotely Pink I Didn't See That Coming The Pink Party of One
#006 Pink Pool Fool The Aardvark's New Moves The Mighty Pinkwood Tree
#007 Pink Suds & Clean Duds Dog Daze The Pink Painter Show
#008 Cleanliness Is Next to Pinkliness Baby Makes Three Pinkazoic Era
#009 Pinkaroni Pizza Find Your Own Ant Gold, Silver, Bronze, Pink
#010 Life in the Pink Lane Mitey Blue Wild Pinkdom
#011 Knights in Pink Armor Grampy's Visit Itching to Be Pink
#012 Pink Pink Pink Pink Spaced Out Shop-Pink Spree
#013 Pink Beard One Small Step for Ant Chilled to the Pink
#014 The Pink Is in the Mail Aard Fu Pink's Peak
#015 And Not a Drop to Pink Ant Arctic Pink on the Canvas
#016 Pink or Consequences Z Is for Aardvark Pink Me Out to the Ball Game
#017 Make Pink Not War Pick a Caardvark Pink Stink
#018 Pink Trek One Too Many Chefs Pink Kahuna
#019 Enchanted Pinkdom Eli the Aardvark Stop Pink for Directions
#020 Frosted Pink AardvARK Pink! Pow! Kaboom!
#021 A Fairly Pink Pumpkin If Wishes Were Ants Pink on the Hoof
#022 The Pink, the Bad, and the Ugly Anti-Ant Trance Shorely Pink
#023 Pink on the Pitch Happy Hunting Catching Forty Pinks
#024 A Pinker Tomorrow An Awful Aardvark Pinkular Mechanics
#025 Note-Ably Pink Shutter Bugged Astro Pink
#026 A Pink in Time Quitting Time Reel Pink

頑皮豹動畫秀特別篇 (The Pink Panther TV Specials) 编辑

  •  A Pink Christmas (1978) - 由美國廣播公司ABC製作。
  •  Olym-Pinks (1980) - 由美國廣播公司ABC製作。
  •  Pink at First Sight (1981) - 由美國廣播公司ABC製作。
  •  A Very Pink Christmas (2011) - 由美國米高梅電視公司製作。




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