推出日期 1997
頂級域類型 Country code top-level domain
狀況 Active
域名註冊局 AFNIC
贊助组织 AFNIC
預期使用  法属南方和南极洲领地
实际使用 The .tf domain-name has popular usage for sites related to the game Team Fortress and its sequel, Team Fortress 2. Many of these sites are commonly used for marketing of virtual goods originating from Team Fortress 2 and, by extension, the Steam Community Market. Otherwise, rarely used except for free, redirected third-level domains.
結構 Registrations are made at second level; an unofficial service makes free, redirected domains available at third level
相關文件 ICANN redelegation resolution
DNSSEC支持 yes
註冊局網站 nic.tf


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