国家和地区专题 (获评初級、未知重要度)
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東南亞专题 (获评初級、极高重要度)
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東帝汶,Timor-leste,leste是葡語「東」的意思;Timor是印尼語timur「東」的意思,所以東帝汶即是「東東」。葡語維基百科現在就有 Timor-LesteTimor Timur 兩篇文章,後者是講述在印尼統治下的東帝汶。--Hello World! () 02:27 2006年2月1日 (UTC)

用機器翻譯的 Timor Timur

Timor Timur, also known for the Tim-Tim abbreviation, was the given name the Timor-East for the Indonesia from 15 of July of 1976, after to have transformed the annexed territory into 1975 in its 27th province and until they will deliver it to the administration of the Nations Joined in 1999 for the organization of the countersignature that finished for deciding its independence. With exception of Australia, none another country recognized the annexation of Timor-East for Indonesia. Identical position was adoptee for the Joined Nations that, until the a independence in 20 of May of 2002, had continued to consider Portugal as the administrante power of the territory. The 24 years of Indonesia occupation of Timor-East had been liquidated in the genocide of significant part of its population and, particularly in 1999, the systematic destruction of all the infrastructures, leaving the country in the total shortage.


TIMOR IS IN OCEANIA -- See WIKIPEDIA link: --Domaleixo

Isnow 2007年11月15日 (四) 18:06 (UTC)

Although East Timor does not belong to the country of Indonesia now, in geographical point of view, East Timor is located on the Malay archipelago (马来群岛), and hence classified as an Asian country. --Hello World! 2008年10月9日 (四) 01:36 (UTC)