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The main crypto navigation box编辑

This template is the main crypto navigation box. It can be added to the bottom of any cryptography article. This template also has some magic so it can include one or more of the specialised crypto navigation boxes inside the same frame.

To only use this template alone add this code to the bottom of an article:

{{cryptography navbox}}

If you want it to also show for instance the specialised navigation box about stream ciphers then give it the "stream" parameter, like this:

{{cryptography navbox | stream}}

You can also add several boxes in it, like this:

{{cryptography navbox | block | stream}}

Note that the parameters come sort of in backwards order. In the example above the stream cipher box will be on top, followed by the block cipher box and then with the main crypto "navbox" at the bottom.

Here is an invalid example since "navbox" should not be a parameter but instead is part of the address of this template:

{{cryptography stream | navbox}}

The available specialised boxes are:

block, stream, public-key, hash, machines, classical

For more details about these navigation boxes please see the WikiProject Cryptography.

Technical details编辑

If / when you make a new specialised navigation box there are several things you need to know:

  • The specialised boxes need to use special naming if you want to be able to use them within the main crypto navigation box. Say you want to make a navigation box about "anonymity" then it should have the URL "Template:Crypto anonymity". Then it can automatically be used like this: {{cryptography navbox | anonymity}}
  • The specialised boxes need special code within them to function properly. So please copy the code from one of the existing boxes.
  • When you copy the code from one of the existing boxes don't forget to update the pagename in the second parameter in the Tnavbar-header to point to your new box. (To make the v-d-e links in the top right corner within the template point to the right page.)