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  1. <= 100個頁面 → 沒有分類目錄
  2. 101–1200個頁面 → {{CategoryTOC}}
  3. > 1200個頁面 → {{LargeCategoryTOC}}



On category pages, {{CatAutoTOC}} can be placed wherever you want the TOC to be displayed.

On a category header template, it is best placed outside any <includeonly></includeonly> tags, so that the template is categorised as using CatAutoToc.



However, the parameters available {{CategoryTOC}} may be supplied, and if CatAutoTOC calls {{CategoryTOC}}, those parameters will be passed on to {{CategoryTOC}}.

So e.g. {{CatAutoTOC|align=center}} will:

  1. Have no effect if no TOC is generated
  2. Align to the center if {{CategoryTOC}} is used
  3. Have no effect if {{LargeCategoryTOC}} is used, because {{LargeCategoryTOC}} accepts no parameters


頁面數量 百分比
未生成目錄 928 93.27%
生成標準目錄 51 5.13%
生成大型目錄 16 1.61%
總計 995


Templates which transclude {{CatAutoTOC}} are categorised in

... but only if the transclusion is outside any <noinclude></noinclude> tags

Purge this page to update the totals


This template uses the magic word {{PAGESINCATEGORY}} to count the number of pages in the category. Unfortunately, this function can return wildly erroneous results on some categories which have had many pages added and removed.

This bug is well-known, and has been documented in several places since 2010, including:

In the overwhelming majority of categories, the count is recorded accurately enough to support use of this template. However, there seemed to be some issue with {{PAGESINCATEGORY}} falsely returning zero in some cases. This is tracked in:

As of 19 April 2020, that problem seems to have been fixed by a small but cunning tweak[1] to how {{PAGESINCATEGORY}} is called.

The category should contain only pages labelled as "empty". Purge page to update totals