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{{Cite arXiv}} arXiv預印本
{{Cite AV media}} 影音媒體
{{Cite AV media notes}} CD上的內容介紹
{{Cite bioRxiv}} bioRxiv英语bioRxiv預印本
{{Cite book}} 書籍
{{Cite conference}} 會議記錄
{{Cite encyclopedia}} 引用百科全書的資料
{{Cite episode}} 電視或電台節目
{{Cite interview}} 採訪;訪問
{{Cite journal}} 學術期刊和論文
{{Cite magazine}} 雜誌;期刊
{{Cite mailing list}} 郵件列表
{{Cite map}} 地圖
{{Cite news}} 新聞報導文章
{{Cite newsgroup}} 線上新聞群組
{{Cite podcast}} 播客
{{Cite press release}} 新聞稿
{{Cite report}} 政府部門的報告、公司年報
{{Cite serial}} 廣播節目系列
{{Cite sign}} 標誌;匾額;銘牌;徽章
{{Cite speech}} 演講
{{Cite techreport}} 技術報告
{{Cite thesis}} 論文
{{Cite web}} 上述模板未有包含的其他網路資源


cite arXiv is for formatting references to preprints at the arXiv. It links to the abstract at http://www.arxiv.org/abs/eprint.

To use the template, you need only specify the 'eprint' parameter. Once you save the page, a bot will detect the citation and complete it automatically.

Common parameters, horizontal format

{{cite arXiv |last= |first= |authorlink= |eprint= |title= |class= |year= |version= |accessdate= }}

  • last1, last2, last3...: Surnames of the author(s)
  • first1, first2, first3...: Forenames of the author(s)
    • author1, author2, author3 etc: Name(s) of the author(s) if last-first format is not appropriate (e.g. some east Asian names)
  • authorlink1, authorlink2...: Name of author's wikipedia page. Will be used to make author name a link, if present. Optional.
  • eprint (Mandatory): Eprint identifier, without any "arXiv:" prefix. Prior to April 2007, the identifiers included a classification, an optional two-letter subdivision, and a 7-digit YYMMNNN uear, month, and sequence number of submission in that category. E.g. gr-qc/0610068 or math.GT/0309136. After April 2007, the format was changed to a simple YYMM.NNNN.
  • class: arXiv classification, e.g. hep-th. Optional. To be used only with new-style eprint identifiers, that do not include the classification.
  • title: Title of the cited paper.
  • year: Year of publication. Optional.
  • version: arXiv version, including leading "v", e.g. "v1". Optional.

The template also supports most of the parameters supported by {{cite journal}} or {{citation}}, and uses the style of {{cite journal}}. Once a paper is accepted in a peer-reviewed journal, it is recommended to use one of those templates, as the peer-reviewed status of the article is important, while preserving the arXiv link in order to guarantee open access to the article. To preserve the arXiv link, add e.g. |arxiv=gr-qc/0610068 or |arxiv=math.GT/0309136 or |arxiv=YYMM.NNNN (following the above examples) to the {{citation}}/{{cite journal}} templates.


  • {{cite arXiv |last=Sparling |first=George A.J. |eprint=gr-qc/0610068 |title=Spacetime is spinorial; new dimensions are timelike |year=2006 |version=v1 }}
Sparling, George A.J. Spacetime is spinorial; new dimensions are timelike. 2006. arXiv:gr-qc/0610068v1. 
  • {{cite arXiv |last=Leinster |first=Tom |eprint=0707.0835 |class=math.CT |title=The Euler characteristic of a category as the sum of a divergent series |year=2007 }}
Leinster, Tom. The Euler characteristic of a category as the sum of a divergent series. 2007. arXiv:0707.0835 [math.CT]. 
  • {{cite journal |author=C. Balázs, E. L. Berger, P. M. Nadolsky, C.-P. Yuan |year=2007 |title=Calculation of prompt diphoton production cross sections at Tevatron and LHC energies |journal=[[Physical Review D]] |volume=76 |issue=1 |pages=013009 |arxiv=0704.0001 |doi=10.1103/PhysRevD.76.013009 }}
C. Balázs, E. L. Berger, P. M. Nadolsky, C.-P. Yuan. Calculation of prompt diphoton production cross sections at Tevatron and LHC energies. Physical Review D. 2007, 76 (1): 013009. arXiv:0704.0001. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.76.013009. 

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