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  • {{local|date=11月 2022}}
  • {{local |community=[[Community name here]] |date=11月 2022}}


  • |date=11月 2022   Please help with the categorization of articles for cleanup by using this parameter. You can use |date={{subst:DATE}} as a shorthand to enter this parameter. Articles tagged with this template without the parameter will eventually be given the parameter by a bot, but it may not reflect the correct month of tagging.
  • |community=y   name of the town, city, etc., to which this pertains. Should usually be wikilinked, e.g. |community=[[Madison, Wisconsin]].
  • |category= A more specific subcategory of the default, Category:Places of local interest needing cleanup. It must be wikilinked [which is pointless; this template should be fixed to not require this, and cases of this parameter being used fixed to not manually link this way]. You can also use |category=no to suppress category usage, e.g. when using the template as an example.
  • |section=   a.k.a. |sect=   If given a positive value (y, yes, 1, true), will change "This article" to "This section". If given some other value, will change it to use that value, e.g. "This table", "This list".
    • |1=   The second of those uses can also be done as the first unnamed or numbered parameter: {{reduce trivia|section}} or {{reduce trivia|1=timeline|2=History of burritos}}
  • |small=y   If given a positive value (y, yes, 1, true), makes the template into a smaller box, instead of a banner. Requires explicit definition of the template as applying not to the entire article: {{Local|sect=y|small=y}} or {{Local|table|small=yes}} or {{Local|section="popular restaurants" material|small=1}}


Articles using this template will be added to the category "Places of local interest needing cleanup" by default. You can override this with the category parameter.

Please refer to the list of cleanup templates and apply the best template available for your purpose. This will help reduce confusion when other editors attempt to improve the article.

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