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Called thus {{Progress box|Parent (undated) cat|Dated cat prefix if different from parameter 1|total cat name if not "All" followed by parameter 1|Number of subcats adjustment factor}}

In the ideal configuration the template is extremely easy to use:

For example: {{Progress box|Articles with weasel words}}

It is often useful to float the intermediate templates (such as {{Weasel progress}}) right with the following code:

<div style="float:right">{{Weasel progress}}</div>


Since the undated category often contains the dated categories, the number of subcats is subtracted from the number of elements. The number of subcats is calculated from a special counter category.

Sometimes there are special entries, these are represented by parameter 4 or "factor", if present - alternatively they can be manually included in the counter category.

If the undated sum doesn't match what's expected, then the "debug=yes" parameter will display the calculation in the progress box.

Where there is no "All" category specified and one is not found by prepending "All" to the undated category name, the total is calculated by adding the component categories.