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Hallo, Francis, sprichst du ein bisschen Englisch? :)

Today I re-visited 丹麦历史, and I found you added File:欧洲 - 1815.svg; unfortunately the country name labels are quite messy, some are even wrong. I guess it's automatically generated, using translation machine? It really needs to be fixed.
So, could you tell me how was the image generated? If it's easy to do, maybe I can do it and fix all the typos. Vielen Dank! -- SzMithrandir留言) 2014年11月27日 (四) 06:22 (UTC)
I will change it for you. Please post here the false english country name, and the right chinese name. Thank you for your help.--Francis McLloyd留言) 2014年11月27日 (四) 08:45 (UTC)
the card work is made by the map to the right, the short kgr mean Kingdom (Königreich)--Francis McLloyd留言) 2014年11月27日 (四) 08:50 (UTC)
OK, great! I will make a translation list (or better, a tabble) for you in the near future.
By the way, are you able to receive notification from zh.wiki? -- SzMithrandir留言) 2014年11月27日 (四) 16:32 (UTC)
Yes, i recieve. Then you post here, i get automaticly an Email.--Francis McLloyd留言) 2014年11月27日 (四) 23:36 (UTC)

Also, entschuldigen Sie, ich bin so spät! Glückliches Neujahr! Hier sind die Übersetzen: (zh-hans, simplified)

  • UK = 联合王国(英国) (or the other way to bracket it, I don't know --- maybe 英国 is a better translation, since at this time Niederlande is also a "UK"?)
  • Kgr. Frankreich = 法兰西王国
  • Kgr. Preussen = 普鲁士王国 √
  • Kgr. Dänemark = 丹麦王国 √
  • Kgr. Norwegen = 挪威王国 (correct words but upside-down)
  • Kgr. Schweden = 瑞典王国 (correct words but upside-down)
  • personal union = 共主联邦 (best translation as I know of)
  • Gr-fstm Finnland = 芬兰大公国
  • Kgr. Polein = 波兰王国
  • Kstm Österreich = 奥地利帝国 √
  • Kgr. V. Niederlande = 荷兰联合王国
  • Kirchenstaat = 教皇国
  • Kgr. Sardinen-Piemont = 撒丁-皮埃蒙特王国 (basically correct, but the way it appears on map reads more like "撒丁岛王国 - 皮埃蒙特"; please delete 岛 and do not leave space around "-" hyphen --- if you want to make it in two lines please let 王国 locate just under "-", so that it reads like xx-yy Kgr. instead of xx Kgr.-yy)

Und die andere (Russland, Osman, Sizili, Spanien, etw..) sind OK. 西欧、南欧、东欧、东南欧、中欧、欧洲北部 (W/S/E/SE/Mid/N Europe) are not quite necessary I guess, since we don't have a lot of space on the map.

By the way, I just noticed that File: Europa 1815 has been moved to 1818 a month ago. Maybe the Chinese file should be moved too.

Thanks a lot! :) --- SzMithrandir留言) 2015年1月2日 (五) 17:01 (UTC)

Thank you编辑

Hello SzMithrandir,
thank you for your help.
i am working on an update.--Francis McLloyd留言) 2015年1月3日 (六) 15:49 (UTC)

hello again,
i did not erase the 方位 because for me its good to know (regional and historical 語境). I hope the name of UK is now corret. On "Kgr. Sardinen-Piemont", i take your sugestion. THANK YOU--Francis McLloyd留言) 2015年1月3日 (六) 16:44 (UTC)
Oh, sorry, my words were probably too much to be clear ... I meant, "撒丁-皮埃蒙特王国" is the correct translation for Kgr. Sardinen-Piemont, not the other one ... :P
Please change just that; everything else is good. --- SzMithrandir留言) 2015年1月3日 (六) 16:55 (UTC)