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Long Time no see编辑

he....he....he.....^^--虎兒 01:22 2005年1月22日 (UTC)

:o) --Menchi 02:31 2005年1月22日 (UTC)
:-o hkgolden


Thanks very much. I photograph these birds in beijing beihai park and taoranting park. --User:用心阁

渔鸥,in en:Pallas's gull,那片子是在北京动物园拍的,北美的鸟出现在北京的几率太小了,前两天刚听有的鸟友说动物园来个渔鸥--有组织无纪律 (talk) 看看雪夜猫子是个啥 10:34 2005年2月17日 (UTC)

You're probably right! --Menchi 20:16 2005年2月17日 (UTC)

Am I nosy? I can't tell and don't know编辑

I just read your comment on User talk:Seasurfer: it's definitely a good one. It's better to guide a newbie the right way of editing than correct errors later, even in risk of hurting a newbie mood of wikipedia. Btw, how's your reading week, assuming your study in a postsecondary institution? :) ZZZ...很睏 (对话、留言按这里) 23:08 2005年2月20日 (UTC)

Thank you for understanding. I just replied Seasurfer below, then I saw your message. Yeah...phew! I thought my comments may be misunderstood and tried hard to write my explanations in a really nice friendly tone, but to excite this much anger? Woa! Anyway, I really am not gonna bother with this idea of "keep it Chinese, it's Chinese WP!" I do not own this place and I'm way too tired to stage a takeover. ;-) People can do what they want, I'm not gonna be pushy about it. --Menchi (討論頁)Â 03:39 2005年2月21日 (UTC)

Essential use of English编辑

Regarding to the way you edit my post, I find it extremely intrusive and rude.

You should ask my opinion first before you did such a thing, I may have my own reason behind.

Why I listed those English terms? First, most medical articles and most new discoveries are written in English, whatever I wrote today could be outdated tomorrow, I put those English terms there because readers might want to have more infomation. It could help them to find more information in English.

Second, regrading this: "However, it is purely unnecessary to, in a Chinese text, say things like " "英語中的其他名称:" Since this is an encylopedia, why can't I list those terms that are also commonly use in the world, regardless of language.

No reason to benefit other languages users doesn't mean that it doesn't benefit people who can use English! Why the hell you want to stop benefiting people who you can benefit just because it may not benefit everyone, your kind of thinking is selfish!

I don't see by mentioning the name in other languages will made it unreadable multilingual junk. Remember, I am only listing those terms in English, not writting the whole article in English. That is no rule in wikipedia to stop listing names in other languages!!!

I find that you extremely arrogant, what "baby article" you mean!!! Just because you join in earlier than me doesnt mean that you have the right to everything and do whatever you want to a person who just joined.

Lastly, I am a medical student, and I clearly know every single terms of it, in both languages, even French, Japanese, Malay, not as what you say unsure of those terms!!! Don't make such kind irresponsible comment!!! I retained some English words, because they are names!!! There is no official translation of those names yet, I think it is best to remain those original name, so people can verity it on their own!!!

If you want the names of other languages, I can do it too, but it is not necessary, as a medical student, I knew clearly that the latest infomation are most likely written in English!!! Please stop doing such stupid thing, and has such stupid thinking!!! You want every thing to be in 100% chinese, I can tell you that is fat hope, today, languages interact more frequently than in the past!!! Don't be such a purist, and hinder the propagation of knowledge.

I really don't like this kind of stupid and unnessery argument, I think this time could be use to write more articles. And stop doing such an unnessary thing!!! Your time can be used better!!!

--阿仁 02:43 2005年2月21日 (UTC)

And I thought I made it clear in my comments that my constructive criticism shouldn't be taken the wrong way. But evidently, they were! Well, I'm not sure how much more I could do to emphasis that my suggestions were not -- are not-- meant to hurt your feeling. It's important not to take ownership in WP and consider stuff one wrote as "one's article". But nevertheless, I expressed my understanding that you probably feel it's precious to you. That's what I mean by "baby" -- precious and cared for. But you seem to mistake it to mean "litte/sucky". That was not what I meant. In fact, in my very first sentence, I said your article was a great work.
And the "multilingual junk" part is what could happen if we add in every single language -- English, French, German, Spanish, Tagalog, Arabic, Zulu, Inuktitut. Can you imagine how messy and lengthy that'd be? That's just job of Wiktionary and Wikibooks. But apparently you don't see that distinction important. Well, I tried to explain, and I won't try to change your idea again.
And the rest of my comments were -- I honestly thought -- pretty polite and nice. I made the effort of going to your talk page to explain my edit on your article. I went out of my way, thinking my explanation could help you understand the Chinese WP. But you apparently are not interested in hearing what I said, since you "clearly know every single terms of it, in both languages, even French, Japanese, Malay". I was wrong to assume you'd hear me out. My bad. You're right that I should really spend my time more wisely. So, I apologize to writing such a comment to you. I won't ever give you feedback ever again (unless I forget this encounter, which is unlikely!) I'm sorry if I made your Wikipedian experience unpleasant. I hope you do more good works.
I, on the other hand, will just live with the fact that the Chinese Wikipedia is evolving into Chinese-English Wikipedia and move on. I apparently only offend people by trying to be a "purist". This is the last time I'm taking extraneous English text out of WP. Nobody else seems to mind, so I shall get on the bandwagon! --Menchi (討論頁)Â 03:28 2005年2月21日 (UTC)

I welcomed your comment, but I think you should discuss it first rather putting everything into your hands first. Because other people may have a different opinion on it, and more importantly, this is not something against the rule of wikipedia, shouldn't you discuss it first? It is a gesture of respect.

The fact today is, even in China and Taiwan, most medical articles will come along with English terms, reason is simple, it helps to understand better, I would say, most chinese or taiwanese medical students and reseachers can't rely on chinese article alone, they have to search for English article to facilitate or expand their knowledge, I knew this, that is why I put those English terms, why I don't put french terms, because, the word dengue is the same as in french. Why i dont put other languages, because, at the current trend, it doesn't help much, I put it in Japanese, because I knew, Japanese has a lot of info too, imagine, while translating this article, I did some read up on some Japanese source...although not significant compare to English, but what is the harm of listing it? no harm being done right?

After I post this article it is free for everyone to use and edit, I own no right to it, I knew it from the beginning of the day I start to write. And I dont take it personally, there is nothing i can do, if you insist on it, and I am also not going to waste my time to reedit it back again. But what i want to say is, there is no harm at all mentioning other langauges.

To tell you the truth, I have also thought of this question too, why should i only mention it in English and not other languages while i wrote this article. Since I knew the terms for other languages as well. However, I have to admit to the fact that, English is currently the dominating language in most scientific field and medical field. It is very unwise if i didnt mention the current term in English....if you are a researcher reading this article, would you like to find more info about it? What will come to your mind first? go and do some research on those english journals right? and if there is no english term there, then those people have to take the trouble to look it up in the dictionary or worst, they may not be able to find the correspoding english term sometime, this is the case the i frequently encounter...

The main reason I came to Chinese Wikipedia, because there are too little articles on Chinese Wikipedia, I wanted to do some contribution, to expand the knowledge in Chinese language, one reason, why people do not use chinese as a research language is because, there is simply not enough of material for use in research. The reason, why i have not written this article in English, is because, there is already a lot of info on this subject in english, but not in chinese...--阿仁/Seasurfer 04:12 2005年2月21日 (UTC)

Menchi's comments were appropiate; but newbies, including Seasurfer, sometimes though not intentionally, do misinterpret good intensions. IMO Seasurfer was furious about the way the post was edited. Maybe a discussion before editing would smooth things out and a reading for Seasurfer at en:Wikipedia:Replies to common objections would help. Anyway, guys, don't take it personally. Wikipedians write stuff for The Reader: when different ideas crash, emotions tend to blow out of proportion.
Don't give up hope, Menchi. Your presence is an asset to Wikipedia. You kept your cool while being called for promoting Taiwan independence in a sentence on your user page. I can assure that this comparatively petty incident will not affect your passion at wikipedia. As for Seasurfer, medical expertise is also in dire need at Chinese wikipedia. I can further assure that all of us are here for the ultimate goal: The Reader...and a lasting site of the information :-) Relax and lay back. ~~ZZZ...很睏 (对话、留言按这里) 04:50 2005年2月21日 (UTC)


[1]這本漢越字典上“琰”是Diệm,中華民國當時和南越有正式外交關係,如果中華民國外交單位把南越總統的名字弄錯,不可能不被當時的南越政府糾正 --無名氏

謝謝指出,但是您這感言放在Talk:吴庭艳上就夠了,您不用重帖. ^_^ --Menchi (討論頁)Â 20:31 2005年3月1日 (UTC)

welcome back编辑

hi, Menchi, welcome back. Long time no see.--Theodoranian|虎兒 (talk) 02:23 2005年6月1日 (UTC)


看到上面虎儿的留言已经是6年前的事情了,呵呵。欢迎回来!--Mountain (留言) 2011年7月4日 (一) 23:24 (UTC)


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