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About Tor

Do not ban more Tor IPs,because many people in China is blocked by GFW,and it seems nothing in 应对封禁 but using Tor works now.

Also,to set privoxy is impossible,because if I set them,the data will NOT be transferred through Tor(transfer directly instead),and as we know,directly transfer is blocked by GFW.

Maybe,please think of another way(differs from using web) to let us register.


Welcome to my talk page.粉红男孩 20:35 2006年12月18日 (UTC)

Download Tor+Privoxy+Vidalia(GUI for Tor) bundled and pre-configured from the official tor website. Then download TorButton for Firefox, install, click, and you're ready to go.--卡库拉迪 01:09 2007年2月24日 (UTC)

About language here

I really want to ask if Chinese words are allowed to appear here? Chaplin 12:47 2006年12月30日 (UTC)

You can use any language to ask questions, but questions in English are more likely to be answered in a timely manner--Jason WongJW 16:40 2007年2月25日 (UTC)


I've found some transliterators on the web, but a lot of them doesn't transliterate at all the kanjis (or just the most common). Do you know an adress where I could find a good one - without being a dictionnary? I'm interested by the Chinese languages and the Chinese culture - maybe someday will I learn chinese ?

Greetings from Brittany, France 16:22 2007年1月5日 (UTC) Kwak

In my own experence, this one may be much better──at least not only word to word translation. (However, it might not be so use friendly as popup ad will appear in the free version.)--Charlotte1125 05:50 2007年1月15日 (UTC)


Hello, Just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I really like your site. It's way way waycool!! Keep up the great work Mary M.—以上未簽名的意見是由72.20.2.30 (對話貢獻) 在18:27 2007年1月24日 (UTC)所加入的。

Your welcome.Thank you for paying a compliment.--Jason WongJW 16:23 2007年2月25日 (UTC)


I am going to Singapore in just one week. All I know is that people have referred to it - + as "Disneyland run by a Dictator". This is supposed to be a VACATION! Has anyone on here acually gone there for vacation?—以上未簽名的留言由69.137.60.250對話貢獻)於09:33 2007年1月26日加入。

Disneyland is for vacations, no ? Singapore is an autoritarian country were you are not allowed to act in a messy or dirty way : no drugs, no spitting,... It can take you to jail.?—以上未簽名的意見是由86.72.115.28 (對話貢獻) 在20:48 2007年1月28日 (UTC)所加入的。

Sorry for the rant

Sorry for the rant, it's off-topic, but everyone might want to think about this. I have traveled in over 40 countries and as I now fly mostly in US, I now realize that the majority of poor countries make it easier to travel by air. I'm not sure their is a way to "win" a war against terror, a blind enemy that GB, jr has used to instill fear.—以上未簽名的意見是由193.69.180.120 (對話貢獻) 在11:46 2007年1月26日 (UTC)所加入的。


Hi. I didn't find a page on zh: about the drawer He Youzhi (賀友直). Somebody should write one, no ? On the french wiki, it's here : fr:He Youzhi. (jn)—以上未簽名的意見是由86.72.115.28 (對話貢獻) 在20:45 2007年1月28日所加入的。

Let me put his name on the translation list. -- 石添小草 04:27 2007年2月6日 (UTC)

Amazing site

Just want to say that you have a really informative and amazing site. Really helped me further, much thanks :-)—以上未簽名的意見是由84.155.229.220 (對話貢獻) 在22:27 2007年2月4日所加入的。


I really enjoy looking at chinese caligraphy!!! But sometimes I just wish i could read and write it at the same time. I find other languages facinating to learn. So everytime I come across someone that seem to not speak my language... I acually can. I know languages such as: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Ininesian. Thanks for this great info though. :-)—以上未簽名的意見是由64.231.153.22 (對話貢獻) 在23:06 2007年2月6日 (UTC)所加入的。

Who can help me with .httpaccess ?

where i can fined full information about .httpaccess file syntaxis?—以上未簽名的意見是由72.232.245.186 (對話貢獻) 在03:23 2007年2月6日 (UTC)所加入的。

Please check my title agian:纸浆模塑

Please check my paper agian:纸浆模塑 I have updated it ,Thanks

纸浆模塑专家 09:08 2007年2月10日 (UTC) 签名 "纸浆模塑专家"

About Multiple script

Hi there,

I am interested in learning about the multipe script that you have enabled here.Desiphral and I, myself have been trying to enable multiple script entry in Romany (where Desiphral is Admin) and Kashmiri where I am caretaker admin. We are not programmers and dont know much about Mediawiki programs. Hence, any help in enabling multiple script in the above mentioned wikipediae is welcome. Thank you.--Eukesh

Hello! Why did you make your logo red? 11:24 2007年2月16日 (UTC)

Welcome the Chinese new year!--Isnow 11:37 2007年2月16日 (UTC)
So it's a temporary logo? 11:40 2007年2月16日 (UTC)
yes.--Isnow 11:43 2007年2月16日 (UTC)

Simplified Hanzi

Hi, I'm learning Chinese and want to know how I can make the Chinese wikipedia display in only simplified characters (as that is what I am learning). Currently I often see both traditional and simplified characters.. thanks alot.. Basser g 03:17 2007年2月21日 (UTC)

In Special:Preferences, there are two options for character display. By default, they are both "zh". Please change both of them into "zh-cn". --Isnow 09:06 2007年2月21日 (UTC)

Changing username

Hello, I want to change my username. Where do I go?--Tdxiang 03:07 2007年2月25日 (UTC)

Main Page + Main page

Could anybody create redirects to 首頁? — 09:50 2007年2月26日 (UTC)

 完成.--Isnow 15:06 2007年2月28日 (UTC)

dialect in this edition?

Hi there I just want to know if thid chinese edition is in Mandarin or Wu or Cantonese or? Thanks, Morten Rask Associate Professor, PhD Aarhus School of Business, University of Aarhus

This is in Mandarin, wuu: is in Wu, zh-yue: is in Cantonese.--Isnow 15:04 2007年2月28日 (UTC)

Hello Chinese Wikipedia!

Please could you guide me to any simplified Chinese articles on scientific, mathematical or geographical subjects.

I am interested in articles using simplified characters - but also (and more importantly) articles in simple Chinese (suitable for a 13-year old Chinese boy).

Please could you also direct me to any sound files in Mandarin?

Thank you

John Maher—以上未簽名的意見是由86.144.128.116 (對話貢獻) 在11:25 2007年3月13日 (UTC)所加入的。

i'm sad about chinese human and environmental politics

i'm sad about chinese human and environmental politics—以上未簽名的意見是由145.253.131.22 (對話貢獻) 在10:28 2007年3月15日 (UTC)所加入的。


excuse me,why now we can't create new entries in Chinese-Wikipedia?

--HwoarangShin 02:31 2007年3月17日 (UTC)HwoarangShin

You need to wait for several days.--Isnow 10:36 2007年3月17日 (UTC)

Assistance interpreting Chinese

Greetings. Administrators at English Wikipedia kindly request assistance interpreting some Chinese: link. Regards. 08:44 2007年4月11日 (UTC)



# 西游记,本为一部绝妙之童话
Journey to the West is a wonderful children's story,
# 特以世多误解,致被目为神怪小说
but the world often misunderstands it as a fantasy novel.
# 本片取材于是
This movie was made for the purpose of (FIXME)
# 实为培育儿童心理而作
teaching children.
# 故内容删芜存精,不涉神怪
The story is pure, untainted by fantasy.
# 仅以唐僧等四人路阻火焰山
Fiery Mountain blocking the path of Tang Seng's company
# 以示人生途径中之磨难
is a metaphor for the difficulties in life.
# 欲求经此磨难,则必须坚持信念,大众一心
In order to overcome them, one must keep faith.
Everybody must work together
# 始能获得此扑灭凶焰之芭蕉扇
in order to obtain the palm leaf fan and put out the flames.

你觉得行不行?我特别想问的是“本片取材于是实为培育儿童心理而作”这句话。英语的翻译大概不对。取材是什么意思?“心理而作”呢?我希望有人能帮助。Foolip 15:52 2007年4月14日 (UTC)

取材就是“以某些事物为根据”等同于“改编”。“心理而作”是断句错误,应该是“培育儿童心理”,就是“教育儿童”的意思。--一葉知秋切磋 2007年8月31日 (五) 01:51 (UTC)


I think that this template is biased towards mainland China, because it says "中華民國:見臺灣問題". "臺灣問題" is mainland China usage,and it makes it sounds like and it's not an issue of mainland China, or it's nothing to do with mainland China. It would be more neutral to say something like "中華民國:見台湾海峡两岸关系", or something else. Thanks.—以上未簽名的意見是由86.131.24.33對話貢獻)在 21:44 2007年4月15日 (UTC)所加入的。


What is Buginese in Chinese? --

布金语 or 布吉语。—Isnow 2007年4月25日 (三) 09:58 (UTC)

KAL 007

Could you have this article from the Enlish version Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KAL_007 translated and posted on the Chinese version? Or perhaps post it on the Chinese version in the original English.—以上未簽名的意見是由217.132.34.78對話貢獻)在2007年4月28日 (六) 11:01 (UTC)所加入的。

The article you mentioned has Chinese version in Wikipedia. The article named 大韓航空007號班機。—Charlotte1125 2007年4月28日 (六) 11:16 (UTC)

Replacing fair use image with free image

Hello! I am ReyBrujo from the English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. Most of my time here is spent adding links to free images to Wikimedia Commons. I am wondering what is the rationale of this Wikipedia regarding fair/free images. In example, in the article about 安室奈美惠, I replaced the fair use image Image:Namieamuro.jpg with a free one found in Wikimedia Commons, Image:Namie Amuro MAA.JPG. Is that fine? Also, if a fair use image is replaced with a free one, should the fair use image be deleted? How can I tag it for deletion (in the English Wikipedia, we have a template like en:Template:Orphaned fairuse replaced, which indicates a fair use image has been replaced by a free one, and it should be deleted)? Or will a bot tag it later? Thanks for the help. -- ReyBrujo 2007年4月29日 (日) 17:49 (UTC)

Thanks a lot! You can:
Isnow 2007年4月29日 (日) 18:57 (UTC)
Thanks for the reply! I will do that, thanks again! -- ReyBrujo 2007年5月6日 (日) 23:40 (UTC)

China blocking wikipedia

come on, is china scared of the truth, or why do they block wikipedia. china even has its own google search filter, which dont show sites that have to do something politics. it's really sad.—以上未簽名的意見是由141.76.45.35對話貢獻)在 2007年5月16日 (三) 13:45 (UTC)所加入的。


Since too many people fail to sign their messages:


Please help with avatar!

Hello all

How I can change avatar in this forum?—以上未簽名的意見是由62.141.50.231對話貢獻)在2007年5月23日 (三) 22:01 (UTC)所加入的。


Since too many fail to sign their messages: - Charlotte just noticed one usigned comment, but failed to notice mine : ) - I suggest, for the third time, that the following line

be changed to

I will not sign this message.

About setting my Special:Mypage/monobook.css

I want to make my monobook.css. I plan to decorate wiki pages with my favorite fonts. (For example, zh-classical:User:Yes0song/monobook.css in 文言 Wikipedia.) However I want to apply my css settings to only ZH (不轉換) pages. I do not hope my css settings will be applied all the conversions. How can I set my css as I want? Please help me. --yes0song 2007年6月26日 (二) 14:38 (UTC)

Nice site

Hello Nice site! Wery Good! (Sry for my bad englesh)—以上未簽名的意見是由89.41.67.241對話貢獻)在2007年6月29日 18:06 (UTC)所加入的。

how many articles are there in Chinese Wikipedia


Could you please inform me how many articles are there in Chinese Wikipedia?—以上未簽名的意見是由78.60.73.52對話貢獻)在2007年7月10日 (二) 05:37 (UTC)所加入的。

Around 135,000. If you would like to get real-time information, please visit Special:Statistics.—Charlotte1125 2007年7月10日 (二) 08:11 (UTC)

How to set the dialect?

My family uses traditional Chinese (Taiwan), but it's annoying every time to click on the dialect selection since it always jumps back to simplified. Is there any way to set it? Thanks in advance.—以上未簽名的意見是由RollEXE對話貢獻)在2007年7月12日 (四) 10:33 (UTC)所加入的。

Special:Preferences->“界面语言”and“字体变换”。—Isnow 2007年7月12日 (四) 10:47 (UTC)

Let's get acquainted My name is Tomas!

Hi! My name is Tomas!—以上未簽名的意見是由87.240.5.2對話貢獻)在2007年7月17日 (二) 05:54 (UTC)所加入的。


移动至wikipedia:询问处人神之间摆哈龙门阵 2007年7月26日 (四) 05:47 (UTC)

Good afternoon

hallo everybody users of site zh.wikipedia.org I not so a long ago settled in Yakima and so, that I parted with valuable a man, Despair- Clarkeon, and now try to find him, last that I know so it that he lives in citi, and often vi sits the resources of type your zh.wikipedia.org, names ona itself Paul/Joanneporkon , if suddenly will see this nik write that this man knocked in my icq . I very much I miss without socializing with this man.To reason wanted to say thank you and to wish successes to the collective your resource. So to hold boys. Only little request of,sdelayte so that zh.wikipedia.org better embarked on dial-up connection

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hallo everybody users of site zh.wikipedia.org I not so a long ago I live inMount Airy and so, that I said goodbye with dear a man, Stranger- Whiteon, and now try to find him, last that I know so it that he lives in citi, and often vi sits the resources of type your zh.wikipedia.org, in a network has the name Alankon , if suddenly will see this nik write that this man wrote me . I very much I strongly test a boredom without socializing with this man.To reason wanted poblagodarit' to the team of developments and web masters your resource. So to hold boys. Only little request of,sdelayte so that zh.wikipedia.org better embarked on dial-up connection--—以上未簽名的留言由71.62.15.168對話貢獻)加入。

Where is the Chinese Reference Desk?

Chinese language question: is it "跟人有仇" or "对人有仇"? Did I use the correct "仇" character?—以上未簽名的意見是由218.186.9.4對話貢獻)在2007年8月20日 (一) 10:42 (UTC)所加入的。

Welcome. The Reference Desk of Chinese Wikipedia is Wikipedia:詢問處. I have forwarded your question there.—Charlotte1125 2007年8月20日 (一) 11:54 (UTC)
  • "跟人有仇" sounds informal. "对人有仇" is wrong, incorrect use. In Chinese, people say "Someone AND someone else have hatred", not "Someone has hatred against someone else." So, 对, which is like to or against, is not correct. 跟 can be used as "and" in daily usage, so it's fine. The proper way would be 和人有仇 or 与人有仇, while 和 and 与 means "and". You used the correct "仇" character, if you meant hatred or feud. --蒙人 ->敖包相会 2007年8月28日 (二) 22:29 (UTC)

Name meaning

I am sorry that I am posting something so trivial, but I was wondering what the name 苏曼柯 means in Chinese.

  • It's just a name, which does not really mean much. Nothing special in this name, except that it sounds like a foreigner's name. If you have to know the meaning of those three characters one by one: 苏 may mean awake, revive, crunchy, Soviet, and it's a well known family name, probably ranked around 100th by population with each family name, and it's often used to translate a foreigner's name with pronunciation "su". 曼 may mean long, far, expanding slowly, etc., and it's often used to translate a foreigner's name with pronunciation "man". 柯 means wood handle, and it's often used to translate a foreigner's name with pronunciation "k". So, you see, it's just a name. Nothing bad. Sounds like a non-Chinese male's name. (Can be a Chinese's name also.) That's it. --蒙人 ->敖包相会 2007年8月28日 (二) 22:21 (UTC)

please, an information

Hi there! Please, I'd like to know if Chinese Wikipedia is blocked now, this week, in China. I just found controversial or old information about it on the web... Can I count on you?

I'll wait for your reply. Thank you a lot!

From Brazil, Ana Brambilla

It seems,Chinese wikipedia is blocked everyday!--一葉知秋切磋 2007年8月31日 (五) 01:48 (UTC)

Information required about Chinese written language for Wikimedia error message

Hello. I'm updating the multilingual Wikimedia Error Message, which presently features both Simplified and Traditional Chinese on the one page. On the new version, I am splitting them out to have their own pages. To help in making this change, I would like answers to the following questions:

  • What is Simplified Chinese for "Simplified Chinese" (for use in a link to show it)?
  • What is Traditional Chinese for "Traditional Chinese" (for use in a link to show it)?
  • For visitors to zh.wikipedia.org, what should be the default to display automatically? Traditional or Simplified? There is no way to access a user's Wikipedia preferences. The answer to this, I guess, is which one is used/understood by the most visitors to Wikipedia.
  • Is Chinese a right-to-left language, or left-to-right?
  • Are there any special formatting requirements for Chinese text? E.g. no boldening, because it makes the characters difficult to read? What about underlining on links?
  • Is using the language codes "zh-Hans" and "zh-Hant" appropriate for Traditional and Simplified Chinese? Or should I be using something else?
  • Finally, could people competent in Traditional and Simplified Chinese take the time to fill in the Simplified and Traditional Chinese rows in the table at the bottom of this page with the correct translations?

Thank you for for attention. - Mark 2007年9月1日 (六) 09:38 (UTC)

  • "Simplified Chinese": 简体中文
  • "Traditional Chinese": 繁體中文
  • Wikipedia is blocked in China, so I think Traditional Chinese is most used/understood on Chinese Wikipedia. But I think checking the user language preferences in the HTTP request header is the better way if possible.
  • Default Chinese fonts on Windows display italic type badly. So no italic type, boldening and underlining are OK.
  • As the last letter in the language codes, "zh-Hans" stands for Simplified and "zh-Hant" for Traditional. More common codes in Chinese-language browsers are "zh-tw" (Taiwan) or "zh-hk" (Hong Kong) for Tradtional , "zh-cn" (China) or "zh-sg" (Singapore) for simplified.
  • I will try it and post the message on Village pump (assistance) on this wiki.

--笨笨的小B | 20巷 2007年9月1日 (六) 12:29 (UTC)

Tectically, "zh-CN" means the Chinese language used in Mainland China; "zh-TW" means the Chinese language used in Taiwan; "zh-HK" means the Chinese language used in Hong Kong; and "zh-SG" means the Chinese language used in Singapore respectively. Actually, the "zh-MO" is the language tag that are used in Macau. Shinjiman 2007年9月1日 (六) 15:16 (UTC)

updated images

I uploaded some images for 南湖大山,中央尖,in the english pages http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Range_Point , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanhu_Mountain. If you want to link the pics to the chinese version, welcome...

I think that uploading your images on Wikimedia Commons might be a better way, images can be used on any Wikimedia project wikis including Chinese and English Wikipedia ;) --笨笨的小B | 20巷 2007年9月2日 (日) 17:35 (UTC)


Hi there, Well seems that Chinese Wikipedia is growing big time, thumps up to you guys ;-) I need a favor from any of you, can u please send me Taiwan's article translated into english as it is mentioned in Chinese Wikipedia not as it is in english wikipedia.

Thank you in advance 2007年9月3日 (一) 06:35 (UTC)

hello chinese people u guys rok!!!!!

  • Well, you didn't provide an email address, so there is no way to communicate with you.
  • I don't know what you mean by "Taiwan's article". Do you mean the whole page of "Taiwan"? That's too long. Sorry, no time to do it.--蒙人 ->敖包相会 2007年9月13日 (四) 06:19 (UTC)

what does 醒 mean as a name?

My friend got this name from his Chinese teacher--it's the second part. We already know what the first part means, but we can't find this one. Thank you all for helping.

  • 醒 means awake. When it's used in a name, it's just a name. --蒙人 ->敖包相会 2007年9月14日 (五) 00:59 (UTC)
    • when 醒 in one's name,it usually refer to the onwer of the name can keep awake when others are sleeping.--一葉知秋切磋 2007年9月14日 (五) 14:06 (UTC)


Hello, could someone help me trnalsate zh:Bălţi page in Chinese, the only big city in Europe where communists have majority in the City council──, please?—以上未簽名的意見是由Moldopodo對話貢獻)在2007年9月23日 18:42 (UTC)所加入的。

where to create a page

Hello, I am new here. I want to create a new page/item but do not want to publish it until I am done, but also I do not want to have it deleted by the system before I finish it. I would like to know how to do it. Where to create the page? It sounds like if I put it into my sandbox it will be deleted soon.

Thanks for any help.

PeaceH—以上未簽名的意見是由PeaceH對話貢獻)在2007年9月26日 (三) 02:43 (UTC)所加入的。

You may put it into your own sandbox (your user subpage),e.g. User:PeaceH/sandbox. Please also be reminded that do not put any material with copyright such as words copied from other webpage into Wikipeida including your own user subpage. Kindly refer to Wikipedia:子頁面#如何建立用戶子頁面 for details.—Charlotte1125 2007年9月30日 (日) 07:46 (UTC)

i love this writing!—以上未簽名的意見是由75.133.76.68對話貢獻)在2007年10月5日 15:16 (UTC)所加入的。


I want to find info about 新加坡簡化字, but I couldn't. Is there detailed info about 新加坡簡化字 in the Internet?

Anyway, some 新加坡簡化字s seems not to be regulated in the Unicode, is it right? --yes0song 2007年10月8日 (一) 14:53 (UTC)

It was not regulated before 1978, but they adopted the Mainland Chinese standard in 1980s. Non-standard simplified characters will be included in Unihan Ext-C. Check 二簡字 as well. The only one I remembered is: 要 --> 又 + 女。--石添小草 (talk to me) 2007年10月11日 (四) 06:01 (UTC)


您好,對於將 "http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%8E%A2%E8%8A%B1%E7%AC%AC/temp" 之資料"修改後"張貼到Wikipedia 表示報歉。不過對於此,本人亦想進一步說明:

探花第已有數百年的歷史,當事人已不存在,能精確對其描述,僅能依據所存之史料。 "懷甯清真敦悅堂馬氏宗譜",是目前存在對"敦悅堂"與"探花第"之來龍去脈描述最完整之史料, 網站上有介紹"探花第"者,其內容皆相差無幾,其一可能,皆參考同一史料來源。


已再提供 "探花第/Temp",期您明查。

Jakema 2007年10月15日 (一) 02:07 (UTC)jakema

这个来源是否是开放版权呢?如果不是,或者不清楚,还是用自己的话叙述一遍“史料”吧。--一葉知秋切磋 2007年10月15日 (一) 14:07 (UTC)

es ist gut

thany you very much. it is a good site.although i am in german, but i can still search some chinese document from your site.—以上未簽名的留言由212.51.20.123對話貢獻)於2007年11月7日 (三) 13:26 (UTC)加入。

thanks,we are still trying to contribute more。--一葉知秋切磋 2007年11月11日 (日) 09:28 (UTC)

Foreign Fighters in Iraq Are Tied to Allies of U.S.

Saudi Arabia and Libya were the source of about 60 percent of the foreign fighters who came to Iraq in the past year to facilitate attacks.—以上未簽名的意見是由81.31.178.62對話貢獻)在2007年11月23日 (五) 12:07所加入的。

Chinese character help

Hi, could someone help me convert these Traditional characters into machine-readable format: vi:Hình:Chu gi.jpg? Thank you very much! en:User:DHN. 2007年12月7日 (五) 07:33 (UTC)

the answer is back in the page. the 2nd one was easy, but the 1st one I had to guess . . .

Infobox implementation

Hi, I have an infobox that needs implementation. The original is at User:中欧#Edit. Thanks. User:中欧 December 8 2007

Actually, now I have two, both at that User:中欧 address. December 9 2007—以上未簽名的意見是由中欧對話貢獻)在2007年12月9日 (日) 18:18 (UTC)所加入的。
And now 3: Regions of Cote d'Ivoire, Counties of Liberia, and States of Nigeria.

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hay!! good project :)senks :)—以上未簽名的意見是由66.229.214.154對話貢獻)在2007年12月11日 (二) 18:36 (UTC)所加入的。




Question about the ancient name of India

Hi! I would like to ask if someone could translate the article 天竺. There are just few phrases, but they have information that is not known in other Wikipedias about the initial Chinese names for India. I have a limited knowledge of Chinese, if I understand well the name 天竺 became used during the Tang dynasty, but previously there were used also other names, one derived from Sindhu. However, I don't know if there is written in the article the etymology for 天竺, why these characters? Is there a connection with the meaning of bamboo for 竺 or is it used just for the sound (and if this would be the case, then what is the origin for the pronounciation tianzhu)? Thank you, 天竺 (留言) 2007年12月18日 (二) 04:56 (UTC)


There's a naming dispute on the English wiki regarding the proper translation of 集團軍, is the official standard translation 'Group Army' or 'Army Group'? Also, is 軍團 comparable? Any help would be appreciated. (留言) 2007年12月21日 (五) 18:01 (UTC)


Thank you for welcome message, Charlotte. Don't hesitate to help you with translation in one of the languages I speak, e-mail me anytime. 2007年12月24日 (一) 02:45 (UTC)Moldopodo


I have a question. Is it possible to write an article about a German city and leave the name of the city unchanged or do I have to use the Chinese alphabet. If so, would you be so kind and translate the word Breinigerberg which means "hill of Breinig" to me in Chinese. You would be a great help. Thank you! --BBKurt (留言) 2007年12月24日 (一) 13:12 (UTC)

In Chinese Wikipedia, all articles should be in Chinese, including titles. There is no alphabetic in Chinese, but characters. All German locations are translated based on pronunciation. Breinigerberg is thus 贝瑞宁格堡 (bei rui ning ge bao, in pinyin). What it means does not matter. --蒙人 ->敖包相会 2007年12月25日 (二) 04:59 (UTC)
Yes, but some articles (such as wiki) use the native alphabet where no generally-agreed-upon Chinese transliteration exists.
For a city with under 1,000 inhabitants? Are you kidding? 貝瑞寧格堡 stikes me as original research. —維卡多
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