这是一份符合RFC 3053的IPv6 隧道中间人的列表,用户可以通过IPv6隧道中间人来访问运行在IPv6上的服务。

名称 费用 活动年份 PoPs 服务位置 子网 隧道协议 特点 需要注册? 配置 语言 前缀 服务器实现
开始 停止 6in4 TSP AYIYA 心跳包 OpenVPN WireGuard RDNS BGP 多播 脚本 手动 TSP TIC URL
Hurricane Electric[1] 最多5个免费隧道,BGP隧道USD $500一个月。 2002[2] Active 37[3] Canada, Europe (9 Countries), Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, United States (11 States), South Africa /64 default
/48 by request
$500/month 要求[4] [5] English 2001:470::/32


style="background:#E4E4E4; color:black; vertical-align:middle; text-align:center; font-size:smaller; " class="unknown table-unknown"|未知
AARNet页面存档备份,存于互联网档案馆 2003 [6] 05/04/2019 1 Australia /48 on request 要求 English 2001:388::/32 gogoSERVER
IPv6Now 2008[7] ? 1 Australia /64 or /48 on request 要求 English 2406:a000::/32 gogoSERVER
CITC页面存档备份,存于互联网档案馆 2010 [8] ? 1 Saudi Arabia /64 要求[9] English, Arabic 2001:67c:130::/48 ddtb[10]
NetAssist页面存档备份,存于互联网档案馆 2011[11] Active 1 Ukraine /64
要求 [12] English, Russian 2a01:d0:8000::/33 未知
NetNam 2011[13] ? 1 VietNam 未知 要求 English, Vietnamese 2401:e800::/32 未知
6project.org* ::/128 1.50€一次性 , ::/80 5.50€一次性 2016 Active 3 Milan, Italy
New York, USA
Vienna, Austria
::/128 or /80 on request 要求[14] English
pemsy* 2018 Active 1 Europe /56 – /64 要求 要求 English,
2001:678:61c::/48 未知
IP4Market页面存档备份,存于互联网档案馆 2018 Active 1 Russia /48 要求 Russian 2a03:e2c0::/32 Custom
August Internet页面存档备份,存于互联网档案馆 免费 2021 Active 5 Vancouver, Fremont, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Taipei /48 要求 English 2602:fc23::/36 Custom
goIPv6 2013[15] ? 1 Hong Kong /64 Suspended[16] English 2001:2e0:6002::/48 Custom
SixXS页面存档备份,存于互联网档案馆 2000[17] 2017 [18] 49[19] Australia, Brazil, Europe (20 countries), New Zealand, New Caledonia, Russia, United States (8 States), Vietnam /64 default
/48 on request
Suspended[20] English Various[21] sixxsd[22]



名称 提供隧道中间人服务的服务商,这通常与一个互联网服务供应商对应。
PoPs PoPs 部署的数量
服务位置 服务商提供的隧道中间人服务器的地理位置
子网 What subnet allocation the tunnel broker provides next to the /127 or /64 for the tunnel.
Which tunnelling protocols are provided by the tunnel broker. This has impact on whether one can use a tunnel behind NAT or in cases where the IPv4 address of the user changes often. Check the relevant protocol descriptions for more details, or see this tunneling comparison页面存档备份,存于互联网档案馆).
6in4 6in4 tunnels IPv6 packets directly inside IPv4, also called 'proto-41' due to the protocol number (41) it uses.
TSP The Tunnel Setup Protocol. It uses a UDP-based tunnel, which is used for both tunnelling and configuration.
AYIYA AYIYA allows users behind a NAT and/or a dynamic address to maintain connectivity even when roaming between networks. It uses a UDP-based tunnel.
心跳包[23] heartbeat is a side-protocol for signalling the current IP address of a user's 6in4 endpoint. This allows the use of a 6in4 tunnels where the user's endpoint is a dynamic IP address.
Features RDNS 隧道提供者是否允许使用者设定反向DNS记录。
BGP 隧道是否支援建立BGP Session以宣告自己的前缀或获得路由表。
多播 隧道是否支援ipv6多播
需要注册? If registration is optional or required. Registration requires the user provides real details (at minimum an email address, typically also name and address)
What methods are available for configuring tunnels and subnets provided by the tunnel broker
脚本 Indicates that the broker provides a script through their website that one can run on a computer for setting up the tunnel.
手动 可以以手动方式创建隧道。
TSP Uses the Tunnel Setup Protocol (TSP) which requires the gogoclient and which can provide configuration details for TSP protocol tunnels.
TIC Uses the Tunnel Information and Control (TIC)[24] protocol as implemented by AICCU, AVM FRITZ!Box, Draytek, Motorola and others. This can provide configuration details for static, heartbeat and AYIYA tunnels.
URL URL indicates that changes to the tunnel parameters can be made on the website (e.g. enable/disable or change the endpoint)
语言 提供商网站或支持服务所提供的语言。
前缀 Which IPv6 prefix(es) are used for the tunnel broker. If a /32 is indicated, generally only a portion is used for tunnels/subnets for the tunnel broker or the name of the tunnel broker service that is providing the address space.
服务器实现 The Tunnel broker server software used by the tunnel broker.

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