米基·鲁尼(英語:Mickey Rooney,1920年9月23日-2014年4月6日[1]),本名小約瑟夫·尤爾Joseph Yule, Jr.美国电影演员和艺人。他的作品包括电视,电影和舞台剧。表演生涯几乎涵盖他的一生。

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出生Joseph Yule, Jr.
居住地 美國加利福尼亚州西湖村
配偶艾娃·加德纳 (1942–43; 离婚)
B.J. Baker (1944–48; 离婚)
Martha Vickers (1949–51; 离婚)
Elaine Devry (1952–58; 离婚)
Carolyn Mitchell (1958–66; 她去世)
Marge Lane (1966–67; 离婚)
Carolyn Hockett (1969–75; 离婚)
Jan Chamberlin (1978–2014; 去世)
父母Joseph Yule,
Nellie W. Carter




鲁尼结过8次婚。在20世纪50年代和60年代,他经常被指控无法维持婚姻。但最後他与第八任妻子Jan Chamberlin生活在一起數十年。他有9个孩子,以及19个孙子和几个玄孙。

1942年,他娶了好莱坞女星艾娃·加德纳,一年后离婚。1944年军队驻扎在阿拉巴马州时鲁尼遇见了当地的选美皇后Betty Jane Rase,并和她结婚。二战结束鲁尼从欧洲回来,这段婚姻就以离婚告终。随后他经历了两段短暂的婚姻,分别是与Martha Vickers (1949)和Elaine Mahnken (1952),均已离婚告终。1958年,鲁尼与Barbara Ann Thomason结婚,但后来发生悲剧,Barbara于1966年被人谋杀。鲁尼十分伤心,得了重性抑郁障碍,他娶了Barbara的朋友Marge Lane,Marge可以帮他照顾年幼的子女。这段婚姻仅维持100天。从1969年到1974年他与Carolyn Hockett结婚,但金融动荡结束了这段关系。最后,1978年,鲁尼与他的第八任妻子Jan Chamberlin结婚,截至2012年 (2012-Missing required parameter 1=month!)分居,他们生活在加利福尼亚州Westlake村。

2010年9月23日,鲁尼庆祝他90岁生日,出席的人有:唐納德·川普Regis PhilbinNathan LaneTony Bennett[2]2010年12月,他荣获特纳经典电影本月之星。[3]


姓名 年份 孩子
艾娃·加德纳 1942–1943
Betty Jane Rase 1944–1949 Mickey Rooney, Jr. (生于1945年7月3日)
Tim Rooney (1947年1月4日 - 2006年9月23日)
Martha Vickers 1949–1951 Theodore Michael Rooney (生于1950年4月13日)
Elaine Devry 1952–1958
Barbara Ann Thomason (别名: Tara Thomas, Carolyn Mitchell) 1958–1966 Kelly Ann Rooney (生于1959年9月13日)
Kerry Rooney (生于1960年12月30日)
Michael Joseph Rooney (生于1962年4月2日)
Kimmy Sue Rooney (生于1963年9月13日)
Marge Lane 1966–1967
Carolyn Hockett 1969–1975 Jimmy Rooney (通过Carolyn以前的婚姻) (生于1966年)
Jonelle Rooney (生于1970年1月11日)
Jan Chamberlin 1978–2012(分居)



年份 片名
1927 Orchids and Ermine
1932 The Beast of the City
Sin's Pay Day
High Speed
Fast Companions
My Pal, the King
Officer Thirteen
1933 The Big Cage
The Life of Jimmy Dolan
The Big Chance
Broadway to Hollywood
The Chief
The World Changes
1934 Beloved
The Lost Jungle
I Like It That Way
Manhattan Melodrama
Love Birds
Half a Sinner
Blind Date
Death on the Diamond
1935 The County Chairman
The Healer
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Ah, Wilderness!
1936 Riffraff
Little Lord Fauntleroy
Down the Stretch
The Devil is a Sissy
1937 A Family Affair
Captains Courageous
Slave Ship
Hoosier Schoolboy
Live, Love and Learn
Thoroughbreds Don't Cry
You're Only Young Once
1938 Love Is a Headache
Judge Hardy's Children
Hold That Kiss
Lord Jeff
Love Finds Andy Hardy
Boys Town
Out West with the Hardys
1939 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Hardys Ride High
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever
Babes in Arms (提名奧斯卡最佳男主角獎
Judge Hardy and Son
1940 Young Tom Edison
Andy Hardy Meets Debutante
Strike Up the Band
1941 Andy Hardy's Private Secretary
Men of Boys Town
Life Begins for Andy Hardy
Babes on Broadway
1942 The Courtship of Andy Hardy
A Yank at Eton
Andy Hardy's Double Life

年份 片名
1943 The Human Comedy (提名奧斯卡最佳男主角獎
Thousands Cheer
Girl Crazy
1944 Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble
National Velvet
1946 Love Laughs at Andy Hardy
1947 Killer McCoy
1948 Summer Holiday
Words and Music
1949 The Big Wheel
1950 Quicksand
The Fireball
He's a Cockeyed Wonder
1951 My Outlaw Brother
The Strip
1952 Sound Off
1953 Off Limits
All Ashore
A Slight Case of Larceny
1954 Drive a Crooked Road
The Atomic Kid
1955 The Bridges at Toko-Ri
The Twinkle in God's Eye
1956 The Bold and the Brave (提名奧斯卡最佳男配角獎
Francis in the Haunted House
Magnificent Roughnecks
1957 Operation Mad Ball
Baby Face Nelson
1958 A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed
Andy Hardy Comes Home
1959 The Big Operator
The Last Mile
1960 Platinum High School
The Private Lives of Adam and Eve
1961 King of the Roaring 20's – The Story of Arnold Rothstein
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Everything's Ducky
1962 Requiem for a Heavyweight
1963 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
1964 The Secret Invasion
1965 Twenty-Four Hours to Kill
How to Stuff a Wild Bikini
1966 The Devil In Love
Ambush Bay
1968 Skidoo
1969 The Extraordinary Seaman
The Comic
80 Steps to Jonah
1970 Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (voice)
1971 Mooch Goes to Hollywood
The Manipulator
1972 Evil Roy Slade
1973 The Godmothers
1974 Thunder County
Rachel's Man
Journey Back to Oz (voice)
The Year Without a Santa Claus (voice)
1975 Ace of Hearts
From Hong Kong with Love
1976 Find the Lady

年份 片名
1977 The Domino Principle
Pete's Dragon
1978 The Magic of Lassie
1979 The Black Stallion (提名奧斯卡最佳男配角獎
Arabian Adventure
Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July (voice)
1981 The Fox and the Hound (voice)
Odyssey of the Pacific
1982 The Emperor of Peru
1983 Bill: On His Own
1984 It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
1985 The Care Bears Movie (voice)
1986 Lightning, the White Stallion
1988 Bluegrass
1989 Erik the Viking
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland
1990 Home For Christmas
1991 My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
1992 The Milky Life
Sweet Justice
Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker
Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland
Maximum Force
1993 The Legend of Wolf Mountain
1994 Revenge of the Red Baron
The Outlaws: The Legend of O.B. Taggart
Making Waves
1995 America: A Call to Greatness
1997 Killing Midnight
1998 The Face on the Barroom Floor
Animals and the Tollkeeper
Michael Kael vs. the World News Company
Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights
Babe: Pig in the City
1999 Holy Hollywood
The First of May
2000 Internet Love
Phantom of the Megaplex
2001 Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure (voice)
2002 Topa Topa Bluffs
2003 Paradise
2005 Strike the Tent
A Christmas Too Many
2006 The Thirsting
To Kill a Mockumentary
2007 The Yesterday Pool
Bamboo Shark
2008 Lost Stallions: The Journey Home
A Miser Brothers' Christmas (voice)
2009 翻生侏羅館2
2010 Gerald
2011 The Muppets 2014 翻生侏羅館3:古墓的秘密


年份 片名
1926 Not to Be Trusted
1927 Mickey's Circus
Mickey's Pals
Mickey's Eleven
Mickey's Battles
1928 Mickey's Parade
Mickey in School
Mickey's Nine
Mickey's Little Eva
Mickey's Wild West
Mickey in Love
Mickey's Triumph
Mickey's Babies
Mickey's Movies
Mickey's Rivals
Mickey the Detective
Mickey's Athletes
Mickey's Big Game Hunt
1929 Mickey's Great Idea
Mickey's Menagerie
Mickey's Last Chance
Mickey's Brown Derby
Mickey's Northwest Mounted
Mickey's Initiation
Mickey's Midnite Follies
Mickey's Surprise
Mickey's Mix-Up
Mickey's Big Moment
Mickey's Strategy

年份 片名
1930 Mickey's Champs
Mickey's Explorers
Mickey's Master Mind
Mickey's Luck
Mickey's Whirlwinds
Mickey's Warriors
Mickey the Romeo
Mickey's Merry Men
Mickey's Winners
Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 24
Mickey's Musketeers
Mickey's Bargain
1931 Mickey's Stampede
Mickey's Crusaders
Mickey's Rebellion
Mickey's Diplomacy
Mickey's Wildcats
Mickey's Thrill Hunters
Mickey's Helping Hand
Mickey's Sideline
1932 Mickey's Busy Day
Mickey's Travels
Mickey's Holiday
Mickey's Big Business
Mickey's Golden Rule
Mickey's Charity

年份 片名
1933 Mickey's Ape Man
Mickey's Race
Mickey's Big Broadcast
Mickey's Disguises
Mickey's Touchdown
Mickey's Tent Show
Mickey's Covered Wagon
1934 Mickey's Minstrels
Mickey's Rescue
Mickey's Medicine Man
1935 Pirate Party on Catalina Isle
1937 Cinema Circus
1938 Andy Hardy's Dilemma
1940 Rodeo Dough
1941 Meet the Stars #4: Variety Reel #2
1943 Show Business at War
1947 Screen Snapshots: Out of This World Series
1953 Screen Snapshots: Mickey Rooney – Then and Now
1958 Screen Snapshots: Glamorous Hollywood
1968 Vienna
1974 Just One More Time
1975 The Lion Roars Again
2008 Wreck the Halls



年份 片名
1954–1955 The Mickey Rooney Show: Hey Mulligan
1957 The Comedian
1964–1965 Mickey
1981 Bill (因bill这个角色赢得金球奖,艾美奖和皮博迪奖)
1982 One of the Boys
1983 Bill: On His Own (1981年艾美奖提名)
1990–1993 The Adventures of the Black Stallion


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