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2,352 Gemstone Images not worth being added as a link?编辑

Hi friends, you could be the one who help me with whitelisting my URL Since December 2008 Vsmith & Co. (USA) have deleted all my external links so that all gemstone-interested Wiki users worldwide (! - except Germany) cannot find my collection of faceted gemstones (and their rough versions) any more... From July 2008 until December 2008 all my link additions (to my own, educational and non-profit website) were not regarded as spam!!!

Since a few days I have followed the instruction of an English Wiki admin to create something worthy for Wikipedia so that my URL can be whitelisted again. So I created these articles on German Wiki BECAUSE GERMAN WIKI HAS WHITELISTED MY URL BECAUSE THEY HAVE SEEN THAT MY COLLECTION OF MORE THAN 2000 IMAGES IS WORTH BEING LINKED AT WIKIPEDIA: Tugtupite, Jeremejevite, Benitoite and added some data to Red Beryl. What else can I do to reach a worldwide whitelisting?

More infos here:

Kind regards, Mike / F.N. Berg (留言) 2009年3月2日 (一) 22:32 (UTC)


@Eric600369:阁下是否原因细说一下?我“亂刪”什么了--苞米() 2019年1月7日 (一) 07:22 (UTC)

  • @Baomi:抱歉,這只是誤會,單純個人看錯,已經改回去了。原本以為你把名稱由來的那一部份給刪掉了,結果是你把他獨立成另一個章節出來,然後我沒看到,僅此而已 --ハネ・シラヌイ 留言 2019年1月8日 (二) 11:05 (UTC)