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As a list of archives, this is similar to {{archive box}}, but it presents in a banner-like format, as opposed to a box. This helps the flow of a page — there's not really a good place to put the Archive Box. Obviously it's to be put at the top of the page.

Also, this template collapses, which is always helpful on talk pages.

If you don't need a list (which is a mere row of numbers, thus of little help), you can use {{search box}} and similar templates.

基本用法 编辑

  • {{archive banner}}
    此功能与{{archive box|auto=yes}}相同。将自动列出所有页面名为“存档1”,“存档2”等的页面。

参数 编辑

显示 /存档目录 子页面。
If the talk page wasn't archived using standard numbering, list the individual pages:
{{archive banner|numeric=false|list=
* Some archive 1
* Some other archive blah

If |list= is specified, even if blank, a list of archives won't be automatically generated.

Allows for user customization on the box, adding any extra text necessary.
Sets the state of the archive banner, [autocollapse, uncollapsed, collapsed]

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