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这个数学模板是为了标记考斯特符号(Coxeter-Dynkin Diagram)。


This template is used to display Coxeter–Dynkin diagrams (CDDs).

To use the template, list the parts of the diagram from left to right, separated by vertical-bar (pipe) characters (" | "). For example:

{{CDD|node|3|node}}   produces    CDel node.pngCDel 3.pngCDel node.png

{{CDD|label6|branch|3ab|branch|label4}}   produces    CDel label6.pngCDel branch.pngCDel 3ab.pngCDel branch.pngCDel label4.png

{{CDD|nodea|3a|nodea|3a|branch|3a|nodea|3a|nodea|3a|nodea|3a|nodea|3a|nodea|3a|nodea|4a|nodea}}   produces    CDel nodea.pngCDel 3a.pngCDel nodea.pngCDel 3a.pngCDel branch.pngCDel 3a.pngCDel nodea.pngCDel 3a.pngCDel nodea.pngCDel 3a.pngCDel nodea.pngCDel 3a.pngCDel nodea.pngCDel 3a.pngCDel nodea.pngCDel 3a.pngCDel nodea.pngCDel 4a.pngCDel nodea.png

The parts available are as follows:
0 20 5a
name diagram
0x CDel 0x.png
10 CDel 10.png
10a CDel 10a.png
11 CDel 11.png
11a CDel 11a.png
12 CDel 12.png
12a CDel 12a.png
13 CDel 13.png
14 CDel 14.png
15 CDel 15.png
16 CDel 16.png
17 CDel 17.png
18 CDel 18.png
19 CDel 19.png
1x CDel 1x.png
2 CDel 2.png
20 CDel 20.png
2ax CDel 2ax.png
2c CDel 2c.png
2x CDel 2x.png
3-4 CDel 3-4.png
3-5 CDel 3-5.png
3-6 CDel 3-6.png
3 CDel 3.png
3a CDel 3a.png
3a4b CDel 3a4b.png
3a5b CDel 3a5b.png
3a6b CDel 3a6b.png
3ab CDel 3ab.png
3abc CDel 3abc.png
3ax CDel 3ax.png
3b CDel 3b.png
3x CDel 3x.png
4-3 CDel 4-3.png
4-4 Cdel 4-4.png
4-5 CDel 4-5.png
4-6 CDel 4-6.png
4 CDel 4.png
4a CDel 4a.png
4a3b CDel 4a3b.png
4a4b CDel 4a4b.png
4a5b CDel 4a5b.png
4a6b CDel 4a6b.png
5-2 CDel 5-2.png
5-3 CDel 5-3.png
5-4 CDel 5-4.png
5-5 CDel 5-5.png
5-6 CDel 5-6.png
5 CDel 5.png
5a CDel 5a.png
5a3b CDel 5a3b.png
5a4b CDel 5a4b.png
5a5b CDel 5a5b.png
5a6b CDel 5a6b.png
6 branch infin
name diagram
6-4 CDel 6-4.png
6-5 CDel 6-5.png
6-6 CDel 6-6.png
6 CDel 6.png
6a CDel 6a.png
6a6b CDel 6a6b.png
7 CDel 7.png
7a CDel 7a.png
8 CDel 8.png
8a CDel 8a.png
9 CDel 9.png
9a CDel 9a.png
branch_01 CDel branch 01.png
branch_01l CDel branch 01l.png
branch_01lr CDel branch 01lr.png
branch_01r CDel branch 01r.png
branch_10 CDel branch 10.png
branch_10l CDel branch 10l.png
branch_10lr CDel branch 10lr.png
branch_10r CDel branch 10r.png
branch_11 CDel branch 11.png
branch_c0-1 CDel branch c0-1.png
branch_c1 CDel branch c1.png
branch_c10 CDel branch c10.png
branch_c2 CDel branch c2.png
branch_c3 CDel branch c3.png
branch_c4 CDel branch c4.png
branch_c5 CDel branch c5.png
branch_c6 CDel branch c6.png
branch_c7 CDel branch c7.png
branch_c8 CDel branch c8.png
branch_c9 CDel branch c9.png
branch CDel branch.png
branch3_01 CDel branch3 01.png
branch3_10 CDel branch3 10.png
branch3_11 CDel branch3 11.png
branch3_c1 CDel branch3 c1.png
branch3 CDel branch3.png
branch4_11 CDel branch4 11.png
branch4 CDel branch4.png
branchbranch CDel branchbranch.png
d2 CDel d2.png
d3 CDel d3.png
d4 CDel d4.png
d5 CDel d5.png
d7 CDel d7.png
dq CDel dq.png
h CDel h.png
iaib CDel iaib.png
infin CDel infin.png
label nodea
name diagram
label2 CDel label2.png
label3-2 CDel label3-2.png
label4 CDel label4.png
label4b CDel label4b.png
label5-2 CDel label5-2.png
label5-3 CDel label5-3.png
label5-4 CDel label5-4.png
label5 CDel label5.png
label6 CDel label6.png
labelp CDel labelp.png
labelq CDel labelq.png
n CDel n.png
node_1 CDel node 1.png
node_c1 CDel node c1.png
node_c10 CDel node c10.png
node_c2 CDel node c2.png
node_c3 CDel node c3.png
node_c4 CDel node c4.png
node_c5 CDel node c5.png
node_c6 CDel node c6.png
node_c7 CDel node c7.png
node_c8 CDel node c8.png
node_c9 CDel node c9.png
node_h CDel node h.png
node_h1 CDel node h1.svg
node_n1 CDel node n1.png
node_n2 CDel node n2.png
node_n3 CDel node n3.png
node_n4 CDel node n4.png
node_n5 CDel node n5.png
node_n6 CDel node n6.png
node_n7 CDel node n7.png
node_n8 CDel node n8.png
node_n9 CDel node n9.png
node CDel node.png
nodea_1 CDel nodea 1.png
nodea_c1 CDel nodea c1.png
nodea_c10 CDel nodea c10.png
nodea_c2 CDel nodea c2.png
nodea_c3 CDel nodea c3.png
nodea_c4 CDel nodea c4.png
nodea_c5 CDel nodea c5.png
nodea_c6 CDel nodea c6.png
nodea_c7 CDel nodea c7.png
nodea_c8 CDel nodea c8.png
nodea_c9 CDel nodea c9.png
nodea_h CDel nodea h.png
nodea CDel nodea.png
nodeab nodes
name diagram
nodeab_c1-0 CDel nodeab c1-0.png
nodeab_c1-2 CDel nodeab c1-2.png
nodeab_c1 CDel nodeab c1.png
nodeab_c10 CDel nodeab c10.png
nodeab_c2-1 CDel nodeab c2-1.png
nodeab_c2 CDel nodeab c2.png
nodeab_c3 CDel nodeab c3.png
nodeab_c4 CDel nodeab c4.png
nodeab_c5 CDel nodeab c5.png
nodeab_c6 CDel nodeab c6.png
nodeab_c7 CDel nodeab c7.png
nodeab_c8 CDel nodeab c8.png
nodeab_c9 CDel nodeab c9.png
nodeabc CDel nodeabc.png
nodeb_1 CDel nodeb 1.png
nodeb_c1 CDel nodeb c1.png
nodeb_c10 CDel nodeb c10.png
nodeb_c2 CDel nodeb c2.png
nodeb_c3 CDel nodeb c3.png
nodeb_c4 CDel nodeb c4.png
nodeb_c5 CDel nodeb c5.png
nodeb_c6 CDel nodeb c6.png
nodeb_c7 CDel nodeb c7.png
nodeb_c8 CDel nodeb c8.png
nodeb_c9 CDel nodeb c9.png
nodeb_h CDel nodeb h.png
nodeb CDel nodeb.png
nodes_01 CDel nodes 01.png
nodes_01l CDel nodes 01l.png
nodes_01lr CDel nodes 01lr.png
nodes_01r CDel nodes 01r.png
nodes_10 CDel nodes 10.png
nodes_10l CDel nodes 10l.png
nodes_10lr CDel nodes 10lr.png
nodes_10lru CDel nodes 10lru.png
nodes_10lu CDel nodes 10lu.png
nodes_10lur CDel nodes 10lur.png
nodes_10r CDel nodes 10r.png
nodes_10ru CDel nodes 10ru.png
nodes_11 CDel nodes 11.png
nodes_h1h1 CDel nodes h1h1.png
nodes_hh CDel nodes hh.png
nodes CDel nodes.png
p split z
name diagram
p CDel p.png
pent CDel pent.png
pqr CDel pqr.png
q CDel q.png
r CDel r.png
rat CDel rat.png
s CDel s.png
split1-ii-i CDel split1-ii-i.png
split1-pp CDel split1-pp.png
split1-pq CDel split1-pq.png
split1-qq CDel split1-qq.png
split1 CDel split1.png
split2-43 CDel split2-43.png
split2-44 CDel split2-44.png
split2-53 CDel split2-53.png
split2-55 CDel split2-55.png
split2-5p CDel split2-5p.png
split2-5t CDel split2-5t.png
split2-p3 CDel split2-p3.png
split2-t3 CDel split2-t3.png
split2 CDel split2.png
split5a CDel split5a.png
split5b CDel split5b.png
split5c CDel split5c.png
splitcross CDel splitcross.png
splitsplit1 CDel splitsplit1.png
splitsplit2 CDel splitsplit2.png
splti1-pq CDel splti1-pq.png
star5 CDel star5.png
t CDel t.png
tet CDel tet.png
u CDel u.png
v CDel v.png
w CDel w.png
x CDel x.png
y CDel y.png
z CDel z.png