Adding {{GRIN}} to the Maize page creates the following:   "Maize". Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN).

Advanced formatting and parameter options
{{GRIN | id | description | validity | accessdate = <date> }}
{{GRIN | name = | id = | accessdate = <date> }}
{{GRIN| accessdate = <date> }}
  • id
the id of the species on GRIN web site.
How to retrieve the id: use the search page to retrieve the correct page.
In the url http://www.ars-grin.gov/cgi-bin/npgs/html/taxon.pl?3074 the id is 3074
Sample (for ananas): 3074
  • name (optional)
The name of the taxon
Sample (for ananas): Ananas comosus
  • authors (optional)
The taxon authors
Sample (for ananas): (L.) Merr.
  • validity (optional)
If the genus is considered as unaccepted or synonym by GRIN, add nv.
Sample (for searching example): nv
  • accessdate = (optional)
Specify the date the article was accessed.
Sample: accessdate = 22 3月 2023