Template:Infobox 航空器

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只有|name=|type=|manufacturer=是必填的。 All others are optional, though some have guidelines you should follow to achieve the best, most consistent appearance.

{|{{Infobox aircraft begin
|name            = 名稱(必填) <!-- avoid stating manufacturer (it's stated 3 lines below) unless name used by other aircraft manufacturers -->
| logo = File:Logo Airbus A220.sv
|image           = 圖像 <!--in the ''File:filename'' format with no image tags-->
|caption         = 圖像描述 <!--選擇性填寫-->
| alt            = <!-- Alt text for main image -->
}}{{Infobox aircraft type
|type            = 類型(必填)
|national origin = 原始開發國 <!-- Use the main nation (ie. UK), not constituent country (England); don't use "EU". List collaborative programs of only 2 or 3 nations; for more than 3, use "Multi-national:. -->
|manufacturer    = 製造公司(必填)
|designer        = 設計者 <!--請填入設計者而非方案領導者-->
|first flight    = 首航詳情 <!--選擇性填寫-->
|introduced      = 服役年份 <!--Date the aircraft entered or will enter military or revenue service-->
|retired         = 除役年份 <!--Date the aircraft left service. If vague or more than a few dates, skip this -->
|status          = 使用狀態 <!--In most cases, redundant; use sparingly-->
|primary user    = 主要用戶(僅填一個) <!-- List only one user; for military aircraft, this is a nation or a service arm. Please DON'T add those tiny flags, as they limit horizontal space. -->
|more users      = 其它用戶(可填多個) <!-- Limited to THREE (3) 'more users' here (4 total users).  Separate users with <br/>. -->
|produced        = 製造年份 <!--Years in production (eg. 1970-1999) if still in active use but no longer built -->
|number built    = 製造數量 
|program cost    = 方案耗資 <!--Total program cost-->
|unit cost       = 單位造價 <!--Incremental or flyaway cost for military or retail price for commercial aircraft-->
|developed from  = 發展自 <!--The aircraft which formed the basis for this aircraft-->
|variants with their own articles =衍生機型 <!--Variants OF this aircraft-->
|developed into  = 發展為