NUMBEROF shows statistics for a language.project (eg. en.wikipedia). Statistics update every 6 hours except for enwiki stats which are real-time.

Statistics are available for:

  • Total Articles (main-space pages)
  • Total Pages (articles + redirects + talk etc)
  • Total Users (ever registered)
  • Total Active Users (recently active)
  • Total Edits
  • Total Files (images)
  • Total Admins
  • Total for any of the above across all Wikipedia languages


There are 2 required parameters, and an optional third:

  • First parameter: articles, pages, edits, users, activeusers, admins or files
    • 本地化:可以用中文不限繁體與簡體輸入:條目、頁面、編輯、用戶、活躍用戶、管理員、文件。
  • Second parameter (lang.project): en.wikipedia, en.wikiquote, commons.wikimedia, etc.. if there is no ".<project_name>" it defaults to .wikipedia thus en or uk are acceptable shortcuts
  • Third parameter: If not empty (any character) it will add a comma. For example "1000" becomes "1,000"
  • Note: For Wikis that use non-Latin digits, adding a third parameter (any character) will display numbers in the native language

Optionally the second parameter can be "total.wikipedia", and it will show the total across all wikipedia languages. See examples below.


To show the number of articles of the French Wikipedia in format raw:

  • {{NUMBEROF|articles|fr}} → 2326215
  • {{NUMBEROF|條目|fr}} → 2326215

To show the number of pages on Commons with comma:

  • {{NUMBEROF|pages|commons.wikimedia|N}} → 97,608,248

To show the total number of pages across all Wikipedia projects w/ comma:

  • {{NUMBEROF|pages|total.wikipedia|N}} → 231,559,120

To show the total number of pages across all sister projects w/ comma:

  • {{NUMBEROF|pages|total.all|N}} → 409,459,341
Caution: total.all will not provide accurate results if the sister project stats are not being tracked in config.tab (see below)

How it works编辑

How to install on other wikis编辑

Copy and paste these pages:

This is all that is required for basic installation.

Optionally install the full package which includes documentation and a rank template:

Edit 'languages link' (left column) for:

Link to the enwiki version. This allows for easier upgrades later.