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To add an article to the list, simply add {{WikiProject Astronomy|class=|importance=}} to the talk page of the article, along with the following parameters:

{{WikiProject Astronomy


{{WikiProject Astronomy|class=XXX|importance=YYY|object=yes|attention=yes|infobox=yes|needs-image=yes}}
  • attention – set |attention=yes if the article requires immediate expert attention.
  • class: Options are FA, A, GA, B, C, Start, Stub, Cat, NA. If blank, this will default as Unassessed. Descriptions of the options can be found at Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Assessment. NA is "not applicable".
  • constellations – set |constellations=yes if this article is supported by the Constellations taskforce.
  • importance: Options are Top, High, Mid, Low and NA. If blank, this will default as ???. The guidelines are listed at Wikipedia:WikiProject Astronomy/Importance ratings.
  • infobox – set |infobox=yes if the article needs an infobox.
  • listas – This parameter, which is the equivalent of the DEFAULTSORT sortkey that should be placed on all biographical articles, is a sortkey for the article talk page (e.g. for Isaac Newton, |listas=Newton, Isaac, so that the talk page will show up in the N's and not the I's of the various assessment and administrative categories). This is important because it is one source used by those who set DEFAULTSORT on the article; consider also setting the DEFAULTSORT for the article when setting this parameter. For more information about this, please see Wikipedia:Categorization of people#Ordering names in a category.
    It is not required if an earlier WikiProject template on the same page has its own |listas= set.
  • needs-image – set |needs-image=yes if the article needs an image.
  • object: If the page is an astronomical object, set this to yes. Otherwise, remove it.
  • small – set |small=yes to display a small version of the template aligned along the right side of the page (as opposed to at the top).
  • auto: This parameter is for the use of bots. It calls the {{stubclass}} template.
  • category – set |category=no if, and only if, a banner is being used for demonstration or testing purposes, to prevent unnecessary or undesirable categorization. Otherwise, omit this parameter.

How to

Rate an article with a class and importance

... that's already tagged with {{WikiProject Astronomy}}

Edit the talk page, change the class= and importance= parameters to the appropriate ratings or add |class= and |importance=, if not already present and save the page.

See above for available ratings. Please leave comments about how to improve the article on the /Comments page linked to in the template once you've rated the article.

... that isn't

Edit the talk page, add {{WikiProject Astronomy|class=|importance=}} and change the class and importance parameters as appropriate before saving the page.

See above for available ratings. Please leave comments about how to improve the article on the /Comments page linked to in the template once you've rated the article.

Leave comments to explain the rating

If comments haven't already been left, then click on the red /Comments list and leave your comments on that page. If they have already been left, then un-hide the comments using the "Show" link on the right of the template, then click on the "edit" link.

Agree that the stub rating is appropriate where the page was auto-tagged

Remove the |auto=yes parameter from within {{WikiProject Astronomy}}, such that the rating reads {{WikiProject Astronomy|class=Stub}}.