WebCite,是一個網路存檔英语web archiving服務网站,可以存档网页后会生成一个永久的存档网页链接地址。若使用WebCite,原始頁面被移動、更改或刪除后,读者可以透過保留一個在線的副本阅读到该网页当时的内容。但是,並非所有網頁都可以存檔。[1]

WebCite可以歸檔一系列內容,包括HTML網頁、PDF檔案、CSS樣式表JavaScript数字图像。另一個網路存檔服務是互联网档案馆时光机英语Wayback Machine。這兩種服務之操作方法不同,某些頁面可以由其中一個存檔,但另一個就無法存檔。網路時光機使用機器人在特定時間自動存檔某些網頁,並接受由用戶請求發起的存檔過程;WebCite則需要有人主動歸檔鏈接。



  1. ^ WebCite FAQ: A page may not be archived for a number of reasons. The page owner may specifically prohibit archiving of their content through no-cache / no-archive tags, or via a robot exclusion policy on their site. The content may be inaccessible from the WebCite® network (this is particularly likely if you are attempting to access subscription based content which your institution subscribes to on its users' behalf). Also, the content may be unreadable by the WebCite® archiver (complex JavaScript based pages, or ones involving browser checks sometimes cause our archive engine to fail).