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I asked a question about sources in Chinese I need for an article on the English Wikipedia. While I may have to wait long for an expert's reply on my broader question; can someone confirm that the sentence from this source:

變壓變頻控制驅動之同步馬達 列車編組功率10,260KW

...means something like "Synchronous motors with variable frequency control, power of the (entire) train 10,260 kW"? --Rontombontom (留言) 2011年1月9日 (日) 17:52 (UTC)

I think it should be (literally) "Variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) control with synchronous driver motor" for the first part. The second part looks fine. -Multivariable (留言) 2011年1月12日 (三) 02:37 (UTC)

Sandwich technique

Hi everyone, I have been helping a user over at the English Wikipedia, and he has managed to get hold of a Mandarin Chinese translation of en:Sandwich technique. The problem is that neither of us speaks Chinese, so we don't know how to create the article. Could someone over here at Chinese Wikipedia create the article for us? The translation is here. All the best. Mr. Stradivarius (留言) 2011年1月23日 (日) 21:46 (UTC)

The new article has been created here. Cheers.--Wcam (留言) 2011年1月23日 (日) 21:59 (UTC)


The following interwiki links should be added to the above-mentioned page: bar:Vorlage:Wikimedia-Benutza, be-x-old:Шаблён:Старонка ўдзельніка, simple:Template:Userpage. Thank you. --Sije (留言) 2011年1月25日 (二) 01:04 (UTC)


Ni hao, I've installed wikt:fr:MediaWiki:Gadget-searchbox.js from wikt:pl:MediaWiki:Gadget-searchbox.js. It adds the text treatment functions: "go to line n°", "change the capitalization", "search and replace" (eventually "replace all"). JackPotte (留言) 2011年2月9日 (三) 21:32 (UTC)

Help please.....

Hi, I am Surya, a Tamil Wikipedian. I plan to submit a paper in Wikimania 2011. (Here). So, I need some information about your Wikimedia projects such as,

  • When did it start?
  • By whom? (igniter behind it.)
  • What are the projects currently running?
  • Technical problems (like Typewriting etc.,)
  • Support from people
  • Support from your government
  • Future plans
  • Common challenges & problems you are facing.

(Kindly please grant me as much as you can! Please please please...) --Surya Prakash.S.A. (留言) 2011年2月28日 (一) 09:40 (UTC)

  • As far as I know, most major Wikimedia projects have a Chinese version, such as Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikisource and Wikibooks, although many of them are inactive compared to the prominent Chinese Wikipedia.
  • To me the most evident technical problem may be the difference between traditional and simplified characters (roughly comparable to British and American spellings, but with a drastically magnified effect).
  • Unfortunately Wikipedia isn't well-known in mainland China, and is surpassed by its main rival Baidu Baike in quantity of articles, however many consider that the quality of Wikipedia is far superior. This undesired anonymity can very much be accounted to the long-lasting government blocking in the past. Even though Wikipedia isn't currently blocked, the government is far from approving it.
  • The same as most Wikipedias, I believe the chief objective of us is to create a easily-accessible collection of human knowledge that excels in both quality and quantity.
  • For the first two questions it may be helpful to refer to relevant English WP articles, such as this one.—尖尖的鹿角 (留言) 2011年3月2日 (三) 17:42 (UTC)

Thank you 尖尖的鹿角. --Surya Prakash.S.A. (留言) 2011年3月3日 (四) 11:55 (UTC)

琦琦 (model) date of birth

i thought wiki provides correct information to the readers... However I was disappointed after I discovered qiqi's birth date was wrong. According to her bio provided by wiki, she

was born before 文革(1966) and she studied

at university since 1982. Therefore, I doubt the year of her birthday should be at least 1966 but not 1972!!

I always used wiki and trusted it until I found the info was wrong in qiqi's case..

Wiki, please correct it!Nikita1234 (留言) 2011年3月12日 (六) 17:48 (UTC)


It might be a good idea to add

to /Header, which is protected. --Erik Warmelink (留言) 2011年3月11日 (五) 18:10 (UTC)

 完成 :)--Jimmy Xu talk·85 2011年3月15日 (二) 07:21 (UTC)

How to respond/remove comments on the Wikipedia page made by a banned user

Goodday to all. I have just noticed a comment made by "Ironlucky" on top of a Wikipedia article that I have created a couple of years ago based on published sources.

Wikipedia article - http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%B4%AA%E6%96%87%E6%A3%9F

Comment made by "Ironlucky" http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:%E6%B4%AA%E6%96%87%E6%A3%9F

As Ironlucky has been banned since 2009, I would appreciate very much if someone could advise on how to respond/remove the comment on the Wikipedia page: http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Ironlucky

Many thanks in advance花迷 (留言) 2011年3月29日 (二) 13:10 (UTC)

Sorry, but we seldom remove a user comment. --HW留言 - 貢獻) 2011年4月5日 (二) 06:42 (UTC)

Thank you for your response, Waihorace. May I know how then could I dispute the banned user's comment so as to get it removed? 花迷 (留言) 2011年4月7日 (四) 03:12 (UTC)

Please, translation needed

Please translate into chinese language the article Free Association of German Trade Unions. Vibria (留言) 2011年4月7日 (四) 18:52 (UTC)



I LIKE THIS VERY MUCH. THANK YOU! —以上未簽名的留言是于2011年4月10日 (日) 00:00 (UTC)之前加入的。

TOCbot is coming! I need your help

Hi folks,

please give me a link to edit the titles of the archives of 维基百科:互助客栈/技术. I don't want to edit them, I just want to copy them as an example. I wrote a bot which works now in Hungarian Wikipedia, and creates table of archive contents of village pumps and notice boards, such as hu:user:BinBot/kocsmák (laboratórium)/műszaki (TOC of the Hungarian correspondent of 维基百科:互助客栈/技术). Now I want to internationalize my project so as you can make such TOCs of Chinese archives. You may read about it at hu:User:BinBot/TOCbot. I am just working on this page: hu:Szerkesztő:BinBot/Tartalomjegyzékbot/Archívumképzési minták, and I want to copy the names of your archives, but I cannot find the page in the header because your characters are too Chinese to me. :-) Bináris (留言) 2011年4月19日 (二) 17:04 (UTC)

OK, I found it at 维基百科:互助客栈/技术/档案馆, but full of templates, so I will solve it in some other way. Bináris (留言) 2011年4月19日 (二) 17:25 (UTC)

Message on my talk page

There is sth on my talk page which I don't understand. Could you translate or explain that to me, please? --Ingvar-fed (留言) 2011年4月14日 (四) 12:06 (UTC)

  • That is just the welcome template, reminding your policies of Wikipedia, and a few links to some help/forum pages. Nothing special.--蒙人 ->敖包相会 2011年4月15日 (五) 22:59 (UTC)
    Thanks a lot. I speak English, Russian, German and Ukrainean but not Chinese, which is a complete mystery to me )) --Ingvar-fed (留言) 2011年5月4日 (三) 13:37 (UTC)

A few problems regarding zh wiki.

Over a few years using zhwiki I have noticed a few signifacant problems that were not present in the English version,and I would like to raise this to the notice to whom it may concern.

  1. The servers are not in China(maybe because of money resons) resulting in slowed sometimes unreliable access in China.
  2. Many of the articles are writen like advertisements, newspaper reports,or simply non logical due to the inconsistency of the modification of articles between different users. It would be appreciated the rules of creating and modifying articles were made more easily accessible to the users(maybe with a link to “What wikipedia is not”in Chinese on the main page)
  3. Over half of the articles are from other popular wikis in China such as Baidu wiki or Hudong wiki.
  4. The style of the Chinese wiki uses too many pictures thus slowing load time, it would be quicker if it used hex colors on the page such as those on the English wiki(It also loses its formal style by using blue instead of gray).
  5. The some of the aticles are written or showed in traditional Chinese by default, while over 95% of the population doesn't use trditional Chinese .
  6. The way articles are modifyed by html and not directly on the page draws Chines users from wikipedia to other low quality encyclopedias.
A User

—以上未簽名的留言是于2011年4月27日 (三) 00:00 (UTC)之前加入的。—以上未簽名的留言由209.20.18.1對話貢獻)加入。

(:)回應 Please excuse me wikifying your original post, and please do sign your discussion. Also I am a relatively new user to Wikipedia, so I am afraid I cannot guarantee my answers to be 100% correct.

  1. I believe all languages of Wikipedia are hosted on servers in Florida, USA. I'm not quite certain but I am pretty sure.
  2. Wikipedia is free and open. It allows almost anyone to edit, so there are definitely many imperfect articles. I believe the problems you mentioned are not serious on Chinese Wikipedia, and I believe through the hard work of our volunteer editors, Wikipedia will become better still. Note that Chinese Wikipedia has zero toleration towards ads (like any other ones), and the policies of Chinese Wikipedia clear states what Wikipedia is not. (By the way, the Main Page has a spot especially devoted to Polices and Guidelines.) Wikipedia also requires editors to present neutral point of view. I strongly encourage you to try editing the articles you are not satisfied with, and, guess what, Wikipedia is open for anyone (well, except for the vandalists) to edit! Please give specific examples of the problems you have seen so that we can perfect them.
  3. This is totally a misconception, as Baidu Baike and Hudong Baike are notorious for copying materials from Chinese, English, and Japanese Wikipedias without attribution, thus violating the CC-by-SA license (see the Chinese version) under which almost all content on all languages of Wikipedia are published. Please rest assured that the Chinese Wikipedians have been doing a great job fighting copyright infringement. Several bots are devoted to finding potential infringements, and most of the times such content will be removed without delay. Chinese Wikipedians have made a list of over 1,700 Wikipedia articles that Baidu Baike and other sites in China copied from Wikipedia without attribution.
  4. I am sorry, but I do not know much about this. Also, did you mean the Main Page or regular pages?
  5. Learn more about Traditional-Simplified Chinese conversion on Chinese Wikipedia. On Chinese Wikipedia, the articles are displayed in "no conversion" mode, or whatever they are originally written in, by default. On top of every page you may choose Simplified or Traditional Chinese (as well as different word usage in regions like Mainland, Hong Kong/Macau, Singapore/Malaysia, or Taiwan) versions, automatically converted by the servers. If you register, you can choose one as default. It is the goal of Chinese to let the editors edit and the readers read in the Chinese they are most familiar with at the same time.
  6. Wikipedia is based on MetaWiki, and it is a very distinctive feature. (HTML is supported but discouraged.) The advantage is that it enables a more unified format and much more functions, such as Traditional-Simplified Chinese conversion, templates, footnotes, etc. The downside is that it is very hard for newcomers who do not have experience in programming or webpage developing but MetaWiki require editors to write codes directly. The teams at Wikimedia Foundation are developing WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tools, and they are expected to arrive sometime soon. You may choose to turn on more advanced tools for easier editing by registering and choose certain things under "Tools" tab in Preferences. You can check out the basic survival guide for MetaWiki on Chinese Wikipedia.

See Wikipedia:关于 or en:Wikipedia:About for an overview of Wikipedia. I have seen several spelling errors in your post, so I assume English is not your native language (please do point out if I am wrong). I also assume that you understand some Chinese. The Chinese Wikipedia is totally run by Chinese volunteers (not Americans), so 如果您懂中文,您可以到Wikipedia:互助客栈处用中文发表您的建议或问题,在那您可以得到更详细、快速的答复。--Leejoe Schar (留言) 2011年5月10日 (二) 02:58 (UTC)


Please see these links regarding Boubaker多項式 article on other projects:

Regards.   ■ MMXX  talk  2011年6月3日 (五) 21:00 (UTC)

space solar power - 太阳能发电卫星

hello,can i ask you to add this article to the energy , green energy and spacefight stubs ?

thank you in advance--Beaucouplusneutre (留言) 2011年6月22日 (三) 13:25 (UTC)


实在抱歉,我因没有注意修改原则,修改错了《蜜里逃生》词条。我会按照自己的话来写。请管理员谅解。 留言者:younis —以上未簽名的留言是于2011年8月9日 (二) 00:01 (UTC)之前加入的。

Lu Yuan, contemporary Chinese poet

Hi, I created an article on Arabic Wikipedia about Lu Yuan, a Chinese poet born in 1922, one of the laureates of Struga Poetry Evenings. There were no articles about him in the languages of Wikipedia that I can understand, so I searched for references online. In one reference I found how his name is written in Chinese, but I could not copy it. In another reference I found basic information about him which I used to create the article, in addition to this information. I have several questions:

  1. Is there an article about Lu Yuan on this Wikipedia? Could you please give me a link to it? I would add interwiki.
  2. Could you please write his name in Chinese, so I can add it to the Arabic article?
  3. What does «(Lui Ban-jiu)» in the second reference mean? Is it important to include in the Arabic article?

Thank you.

Ghainmem (Talk), 2011年8月30日 (二) 16:02 (UTC)

Hi, the corresponding title on zhwiki should be 綠原, a redirect to 劉半九 (pronounced Liu Ban Jiu), which is his real name.--Jimmy Xu  ·  · 2011年8月30日 (二) 16:07 (UTC)
Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Ghainmem (Talk), 2011年8月30日 (二) 16:17 (UTC)

Greetings from Italy (and a request :-)

Hi, I left a note about a file's copyright issue here, I hope you can help :-) --Fantasma (留言) 2011年9月3日 (六) 01:52 (UTC)

Looking into it... --Ben.MQ 2011年9月3日 (六) 05:43 (UTC)

(sorry for writing in English)
Hi, this file represents a photograph presumably taken in the 1970's decade (early years, I would bet). Therefore, being a non-artistic shot taken in Italy, and being more than 20 years old, it falls into the Public Domain according to the Italian law. If you can kindly upload it on Wikimedia Commons, it will be available to all the sister projects with all the uploader's credit unmodified. In case you can upload it there, you can use the {{PD-Italy}} template. Thank you in advance for your help :-) --Fantasma (留言) 2011年9月3日 (六) 01:49 (UTC) PS: you can find me here in case of need (and if you want to notice me that you uploaded it :-)

Uploaded under the same name, cheers. --Ben.MQ 2011年9月3日 (六) 06:14 (UTC)

Category for individually developed Pywikipedia codes


we have hu:Category:Egyedi fejlesztésű Pywikipedia-kódok in Hungarian Wikipedia that means something like "Individually developed Pywikipedia codes". We put the published Pywiki bot scripts of local bot owners here that are not distributed with official Pywiki edition. I want to create such categories in other wikis and join them with interwikis to help bot owners who want to see other bot owners' solutions and look for useful scripts to be localized. This would help the international wikicommunity. Please help to find the correct name and parent category in your wiki. Thanks, Bináris (留言) 2011年9月3日 (六) 10:04 (UTC)

Hi Bináris, thanks for the message, however as far as I know, there are no pages of .py codes published on Chinese Wikipedia. Do you still want it? We have a category called Category:维基脚本 which means Scripts for Wikipedia and can be used as the parent category, and you may use Category:自行开发的Pywikipedia脚本 for the one that you are setting up. Cheers.--Ben.MQ 2011年9月3日 (六) 11:47 (UTC)

Thank you! I think there are some; you may search "import wikipedia" in user namespace: http://zh.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special%3A%E6%90%9C%E7%B4%A2&redirs=1&search=%22import+wikipedia%22&fulltext=Search&ns2=1&title=Special%3A%E6%90%9C%E7%B4%A2&advanced=1&fulltext=Advanced+search I didn't write to wikis where this search was unsuccessful. :-) Bináris (留言) 2011年9月3日 (六) 12:03 (UTC)

I see! forgot about user namespace :D --Ben.MQ 2011年9月3日 (六) 13:03 (UTC)

Done, thanks! It will soon be linked to many interwikis. Bináris (留言) 2011年9月3日 (六) 14:44 (UTC)


I'd like to get help for translate the article about the partisan Joseph Serchuk to your language. I think that Google Translate does not do good job in this case.

Thank you! Yottam (留言) 2011年9月20日 (二) 00:12 (UTC)

Johanna Beisteiner, Robert Gulya

Dear Wikipedia users, I am searching for help to translate the articles about the Austrian classical guitartist Johanna Beisteiner and the Hungarian composer Robert Gulya to your language. Could anybody help, please? Best regards, --Culturawiki (留言) 2011年10月1日 (六) 18:27 (UTC)


Please check User:Hsinhuilin's user page, it is promotional.   ■ MMXX 2011年10月16日 (日) 00:21 (UTC)

Tagged with CSD --Ben.MQ 2011年10月16日 (日) 05:32 (UTC)

Please do not put James Wales photo on every page of wikipedia

No one wants to see him everywhere when surfing the internet. He is not a star. No one wants to worship him. Makes me wants to break my monitor everytime he appears on my screen. —以上未簽名的留言是于2011年11月19日 (六) 12:01 (UTC)之前加入的。

It's unfortunate you feel that way. You'll be fine! Tofutwitch11 (留言) 2011年11月22日 (二) 20:43 (UTC)

琉裝 - translation

Hello, Chinese friends!

I'm from Russia and can't speak Chinese or read/write on this language, but interested in Chinese history and culture. I try to learn Chinese, but not very succesfully for now.

Sorry for my bad English - I have no language practice for a long time. I hope that you can understand me.

I have a question: can somebody translate the article (or any part of article - may be, only some first sentences, it would be enough for me) 琉裝 to English? Or, maybe, somebody can translate only the name of this article to English? I don't hope that somebody can translate this article to Russian, and I dont' ask about it (but if it is really - it would be great!!!).

Thanks in advance. —以上未簽名的留言是于2011年12月1日 (四) 00:00 (UTC)之前加入的。


What would it be that would encourage african american "predators", military "predators" to leave me alone? Would it be the one stop shopping trip? Would it be the "anything at all brand new"? Would it be the realization of the non-equasion of used clothing-used people? Would it be the difference in class authenticity...or lack of it and lack of opportunity for it? Would it be the age difference?? Would it be jealosy?? Could I muster up a phony sense of jealosy just to appease the masses of these groups? What and what could it be??

Sincerely yours, a person with a mind, who participates in little to no direct outsourcing problems, who eats meat only when it is the only protein source available, who never ever harms animals in any way, who otherwise treats people the way 'yours' would want to be treated, ...Sincerely, "who" in Kansas City, Missouri —以上未簽名的留言是于2011年12月1日 (四) 00:00 (UTC)之前加入的。


I feel like want to kill myself :( —以上未簽名的留言是于2011年12月14日 (三) 12:00 (UTC)之前加入的。

Translation Request

Hi Chinese Wiki friends. As I don't know Chinese language but I need a piece of text which needs to be translated into Chinese I need your help. Could you guys please translate this to Chinese I mean Mandarin Chinese the most spoken language of China?

The text is:

"Welcome to the embassy of the Hindi-Wikipedia! If you have any announcements or questions regarding international issues or the Hindi Wikipedia, you are invited to post them here or to the Talk page for this article. Posts can be in any language but posts in Hindi and English are most likely to be answered in a timely manner."

Thanks a lot in advance. My name is Rohit Rawat from Hindi Wikipedia. रोहित रावत (留言) 2011年12月25日 (日) 08:42 (UTC)

Here is the translation for zh-hans:


for zh-hant:


by the way could you clarify whether "international" means "crosswiki" or "among the world", and whether "this article" means this embassy page or the page he's talking about? Liangent (留言) 2011年12月25日 (日) 09:53 (UTC)
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