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Re: Permission to use your website for home-work编辑

Dear Sirs, This is William Poon here. I'm a student of Seneca College, Canada, studying library technician lesson. I'm doing an assignment for creating a "Chinese culture library" website. For homework purpose, please advice return if I can use your exsisting website as the "Helpful Link" in the above-mentioned site? Kindly please e-mail your confirmation to wpoon1256@yahoo.com. Many thanks, William Poon


Dear William, I do not speak a word of Chinese nor am I in any way involved with Chinese Wikipedia, but as far as I can tell, there is no permission from the original author needed by custom or by law, in Canada or in China, simply to link to a web page (the imaginative "linking policies" of some corporate websites notwithstanding.) It is, however, considered bad "Netiquette" to post on public forums and expect private answers.

  • Yeah, everyone can use and change the stuff here without any permission. If you wanna use it, go ahead and do so. Just remember to cite your source in your homework/project or your teacher might think you were cheating. -- Chongtin 10:02 2006年1月13日 (UTC)

Simplified or Traditional?编辑

While there is an earlier discussion stating the articles in the Chinese wikipedia are mainly in Simplified script, it is apparant the opposite is actually true. A look at the main user page is obvious enough. Has there been a change in policy, and what is the policy now with regards to which script to use?

Thank you!--怀韦 13:49 2006年1月23日 (UTC)

The Chinese Wikipedia has a tool to run Simplified to Traditional Chinese convertion and vice verse. So you can contribute to Chinese Wikipedia in either script and needn't to worry about violations in policies since there's none (that force you to write only in Simp. or Trad.). The decrease in articles started in Simplified Chinese just due to the infamous GFW in mainland China, where the Simplified Chinese is mainly used. --Milliardo 12:40 2006年1月24日 (UTC)

new article help, please!编辑

Hello, This is my first try to create an article in Chinese part of Wiki so I would like to ask your help to categorize my entry and check it for possible errors. Unfortunately, I do not speak Chinese.

Thank you very much!

new article help, please - link编辑

I am sorry I forgot to include a link to my article:




Since the Categories in Chinese Wikipedia are labelled in Chinese, You can simply create a new article and wait for other Chinese Wikipedians to put it into corresponding category(es). Or put into the category(es) you think it might fit in English, our Wikipedians will put it into their corresponding Chinese ones.
Thank you for your contributions in Chinese Wikipedia. --Milliardo 02:48 2006年1月31日 (UTC)


Nice 2006 logo. Most of the guys at en: are too solemn to ever decorate things for the new years. Cheers, 03:29 2006年2月2日 (UTC)

Thank you. :) -- tonync (talk) 22:28 2006年3月3日 (UTC)

Help with my nick编辑

Hi. I want to register in this wiki but with chinese characters bunt I'm spanish, I don't know very much of chinese writing. My nick in spanish wiki is "Haitike" I ask a user of spanish wiki with know chinese and say me the next characters: 海地克 or 海蒂克 He said me that this characters are used in foreign names trascripcions. I want to get a nick with some isteresting meaning ¿what other combinations advice me before I register?

I think 海蒂克 is much better, welcome to visit chinese wikipedia.--维游 (+_+) 06:47 2006年2月15日 (UTC)

您好!I am new to 中文, as well as the 中文的Wikipedia. I was wondering how I should write my name with chinese characters. My user name is Ikiroid. I tried writing it phonetically on my talk page as 一颗肉移地, but I think it's wrong (google says it means "One meat moves"!). I thought I could write it as a concept instead of as a foreign name (my user name is a combination of japanese "ikiru" [to live] and Greek "-oid"[similar, not exact, something else]). Someone please help me!--Ikiroid 21:41 2006年2月17日 (UTC)
  • Welcome to Chinese Wikipedia. Ikiroid can be transliterated as 伊克莱伊德 Yīkèláiyīdé; 一颗肉移地 would be a laugh! Or you might want to consider 生存的家伙 Shēngcún de jiāhuo as your nickname, which means "A guy that's alive". -- tonync (talk) 22:27 2006年3月3日 (UTC)
  • "一颗肉移地" --- LOL!!! It's really funny... Anyway, please forgive my impoliteness as I have no offensive intention. If you insist to find some name in a phonetic way, I think 伊克莱伊德, as tonync suggested, is better than 一颗肉移地, at least, it sounds like a name of ancient Greek philosopher... :-) renda 09:51 2006年3月7日 (UTC)
    Yes! I think it's a good name to you! Have a nice time on chinese wikipedia!--维游 (+_+) 10:17 2006年3月7日 (UTC)
OK, 谢谢。I'll probably use the phonetic one, and I'll try to explain the conceptual one on my user page, or something like that. I started teaching myself chinese only 2 months ago, so I'll probably have to do a lot of reading before I attempt any serious edits. Again, thank you for your time.--Ikiroid 21:52 2006年3月8日 (UTC)

Am I welcome to join?编辑

I know some Chinese, even though it is not my first language.

Welcome you!--Gene吉恩 (说) 06:56 2006年2月23日 (UTC)

Electrochemistry article or 磁化学编辑

I am from english wikipedia w:user:HappyApple and i have been editing Electrochemistry article a couple of weeks ago and i noticed the article on chinese wikipedia regarding to Electrochemistry is still a stub and a little one, i think the article requires an urgent expansion, i please urge a friendly wikipedia user from chinese wikipedia who is w:bilingual may please translate and expand 磁化学 article from w:Electrochemistry, best regards. -- 03:32 2006年2月24日 (UTC)

thank you for your comments. I will reply on your talk page!--维游 (+_+) 07:59 2006年2月28日 (UTC)

Thank You! Shinjiman编辑

我還在熟悉頁面中, 謝謝你的指引! john 09:20 2006年3月7日 (UTC)

Chinese transliteration of my name编辑

I was just wondering what the Chinese transliteration of my name (Fox Mccloud) would be. I thougt it would be 狐狸 馬克羅德 (Simplified: 狐狸 马克罗德) 狐狸 (húli) would mean "Fox" in Chinese. 馬克羅德 would be pronounced mǎ kè luó dé, and be a transliteration of Mccloud. Is this correct?--Fox Mccloud 01:37 2006年3月8日 (UTC)

It's been about a week, but still no answer. I'll just use 狐狸 馬克羅德 as the Chinese transliteration of my username, anyway.--狐狸 馬克羅德 23:30 2006年3月14日 (UTC)

Few people check this page, so it's hard for messages left here to get noticed. Anyway I suggest you use your English name or adopt a nicer chinese name... like 狐麦云. But your way of transliterating works just as well... after all, if we call a rose by another name it still "smells sweet". My name can be transliterated as en:User:Kakurady.--卡库拉迪 05:58 2006年3月18日 (UTC)

Thank you for the reply. 狐麦云 is pronounced hú mài yún, correct? What I was thinking was to use the closest Chinese pronounciation to how my name is pronounced in English. Thanks for reply.--狐狸 馬克羅德 22:04 2006年3月20日 (UTC)

That's correct.--卡库拉迪 08:37 2006年3月21日 (UTC)
Fox Mccloud...In Mainland China,I think your name will be most probably translated as "福克斯·麦克劳德"(Fú kè sī·Mài kè láo dé).--Hy48 06:57 2006年4月2日 (UTC)
So do I. And then I realized that Fox McCloud is just a pen-name (Fox McCloud is the protagonst of the game Star Fox) ... --卡库拉迪 02:46 2006年4月16日 (UTC)

Easy articles编辑

Are there any articles on the 中文 wikipedia that are good starting points for reading or editing for people learning chinese?--Ikiroid 22:26 2006年3月18日 (UTC)

Maybe some articles which have been translated into Chinese, like Harry Potter and Powerpuff Girls Z will do?--卡库拉迪 06:27 2006年3月19日 (UTC)

Language links编辑

Please add missing language links :

[[es:Wikipedia:Libro de visitas]] [[fr:Wikipédia:Bistro des non-francophones]] [[ja:Wikipedia:Chatsubo for Non-Japanese Speakers]] [[ro:Wikipedia:Carte de oaspeţi]] [[th:วิกิพีเดีย:สถานทูตวิกิมีเดีย]] [[vi:Wikipedia:Guestbook for non-Vietnamese speakers]] [[zh-min-nan:Wikipedia:Tāi-sài-koán]]

I couldn't do it myself, as the page is blocked.

Teofilo 08:45 2006年3月29日 (UTC)

Done! Thank you for your report!--维游 (+_+) 07:21 2006年4月2日 (UTC)


Thanks for creating a guestbook for non-Chinese speakers. I used to speak Chinese fairly well, but haven't been in Zhongguo for 5+ years, and I'm afriad I've forgotten most of it. But I'd like to try to contribute here someday, if I ever improve my Chinese. --Fang Aili 16:31 2006年3月29日 (UTC)

Thank you for your visiting! Enjoy yourself!--维游 (+_+) 07:21 2006年4月2日 (UTC)

Hello world!编辑

I'm from Brazil, Campinas, São Paulo. Hello world! How old are you? Where are you from? I want to know the Chinese Wikipedia. I'm a wikipedian in PT.WP at pt:User:FML. OK? How are you?? Fine!! Good. Bye! FML 17:18 2006年4月5日 (UTC)

Wow, other thing: I want to know how I write my name: "Felipe Micaroni Lalli" in Chinese. "Felipe" is "Philip" in English. "Micaroni" and "Lalli" are italian names. thanks! Please, I wait a answer in pt:User:FML. Thank you very much, bye bye FML 17:22 2006年4月5日 (UTC)

Thank you for your visiting. As for the Chinese translation, I think 菲利普·麦卡罗尼·劳利 (or Fēi Lì Pǔ - Mài Kǎ Luó Ní - Láo Lì in pinyin) is okay, however, that might be too long for a good user's nick...
Very very much thank you! hugs, welcome in portuguese Wikipédia! FML 12:07 2006年4月10日 (UTC)

文言文 article image help编辑

I added an image I've created from commons into the article on Classical Chinese (文言文). I want to add on the bottom, "The Seal Script symbol for harvest is based on the shape of the original symbol for person, because of their similarities in phonology." can anyone translate this for me?--Ikiroid (伊克莱伊德)|(我说) 01:00 2006年4月16日 (UTC)

But isn't the character on the right the one for year? Or does it mean harvest originally? --卡库拉迪 02:49 2006年4月16日 (UTC)
He's right. Actually I checked it in the dictionary[1], and it comes out that the caracter for "Year" was originally "秊", which is from the Jiagu Wen having the form of "cereal"(禾) over "person/human"(人), and which means "harvest". It's a rather complex story even for Chinese, isn't that. Anyway, I would translate that phrase in
--Demos(Talk) 09:20 2006年4月16日 (UTC)
Well, I got it from The World's Writing Systems, and it says the symbol eventually became known for "year", but originally meant "harvest".--Ikiroid (伊克莱伊德)|(我说) 02:03 2006年4月17日 (UTC)
我加你的说明了.谢谢!<---Is this correct?(I have added in your explanation, thank you!)--Ikiroid (伊克莱伊德)|(我说) 02:13 2006年4月17日 (UTC)
Sorry,but I don't think this image is fit for this article. I think it should be added to article 汉字 instead. How do you think about that? --地球发动机〠✆ - ✉✍) 06:18 2006年4月27日 (UTC)
不客气。Your Chinese is quite good. But if you add "上" after "加", it would look more natural.--Demos(Talk) 14:22 2006年4月17日 (UTC)

Ok, I'm still trying to ge the use of things like 下 and 上, and verbs used repeatedly to indicate informality.--Ikiroid (伊克莱伊德)|(我说) 21:15 2006年4月22日 (UTC)

Nin Hao. About the article on 八角游乐园 (Bajiao Amusement Park)编辑

I was wondering if you could fix it a little. I only copy/pasted it; I know no Chinese. Also, do you care to expand the Bajiao Amusement Park article on the English Wikipedia? --Shultz 11:17 2006年4月22日 (UTC)


I would like to contact whoever runs wikipedia.cnblog.org, to help them get that service back up. My email address is tstarling at wikimedia.org and my GPG key can be found at [2]. -- Tim Starling 05:34 2006年4月27日 (UTC)

I've moved your words to Wikipedia:互助客栈/技术#wikipedia.cnblog.org, the technic forum, where it might get more concerned.--Demos(Talk) 10:45 2006年4月27日 (UTC)

PR China control on Wiki-ZH编辑


I'm Pedro, from Wiki-PT, part of Wikimedia press team, and also journalist in Brazil. I'm currently working on a story about Chinese control on internet, and I'd like to know if (and how) it affects Wiki-ZH.

Can I have contact (both email and phone) with someone responsible for Chinese wiki at the WikiMedia Foundation?

friendly, Pedro Aguiar pt:User:Pedro Aguiar (+55-21-21014406 | +55-21-99240551)

I think you can try to contact with Shizhao. He holds certain post in mediawiki and already has some experience of being interviewed. But he's off temporarily, so maybe you have to wait one or two days. Hope it helps.--Demos(Talk) 04:09 2006年5月10日 (UTC)

Ni hao!编辑

Hello my friends, the Chinese Wikipedians. I know about the Great Firewall of China and I was curious if there is anything I could help you all with. You could E-Mail me at masterpayne2292@yahoo.co.jp and I could tell you the world news or whatever you would like to know. I want to help the Chinese get the freedoms I have!


I can definitely help with that too, about anything. Just ask it on my talk page. I would actually appreciate it if someone asked me a question, I would love it. Is it likely to happen? I can send you music too! -- User:Mac_Davis 10:22 2006年5月16日 (UTC)
It would be better if you know something about the Great Firewall itself, and are willing to edit the articles on this topic... --卡库拉迪 09:05 2006年6月18日 (UTC)
Isn't the great firewall of china blocking wikipedia? If people can read these helpful peoples messages, it would mean they aren't behind that firewall anyways.


I am from the United States, and am literate in only English. I would like to know some things about the Chinese Wikipedia.

  • What is the volume of people visiting this site?
  • How many articles are there?
There are 68,529 as of this message.--Ikiroid (伊克莱伊德)|(我说) 19:39 2006年5月20日 (UTC)
  • How many registered users are there?
66,036 today --Vina 19:57 2006年5月20日 (UTC)
  • How does it compare to the English Wikipedia?
  • What do all the tabs say at the top of the page if you are on the default skin? I know on the English Wikipedia there are only a few tabs that say such things as "Page history," and "Edit this page."
They are asking you if you want to read it with traditional characters, simplified, or both.--Ikiroid (伊克莱伊德)|(我说) 19:39 2006年5月20日 (UTC)
  • I've just referred somebody I know who lives in China to Wikipedia over the internet, will he be able to use it?
It depends on the IP address they are using. Some of them are blocked by the PRC government.--Ikiroid (伊克莱伊德)|(我说) 19:39 2006年5月20日 (UTC)
  • What type of censorship is put into place on the Chinese Wikipedia and how does it compare to the English?
There is no censorship done by the wikipedia community, however, the Chinese government do block some access. The exact pages being blocked changes from time to tim.--Vina 19:57 2006年5月20日 (UTC)
  • Thank you!! I would appreciate it if you responded on my talk page on the English wikipedia, as I may forget to check back here or cannot find my question. Now I wonder what those buttons say down there? There are three!! Shouldn't they say "Preview" and "Submit"? Ahh what do I press!??
The last one shows the diff, they are save-preview-show diff --Vina 19:57 2006年5月20日 (UTC)
  • Ok, so I figured that out by guess and check. What about that "Great Firewall of China" the guy above me asked about? What's up with that? Can you tell me about it?

-- User:Mac_Davis 10:19 2006年5月16日 (UTC)

That's the firewall set up by Chinese government to block access from those living in China, among other things. --Vina 19:57 2006年5月20日 (UTC)


  1. I've heard that in some dialects of mandarin, "yi" can mean "he" or "she". What is the character for this? Are there two?--Ikiroid (伊克莱伊德)|(我说) 19:47 2006年5月20日 (UTC)
I'm guessing that they are talking about the dialet spoken around Shanghai and the Zhejiang province. It is a dialect of Chinese, not a dialect of Mandarin. The person is likely using Mandarin to indicate a dialect spoken in mainland China. There are quite a few dialects of Chinese besides the commonly known ones such as Cantonese. --Vina 20:01 2006年5月20日 (UTC)
Normally we write it in "伊", but I think there's no standard of it. --Demos(Talk) 00:30 2006年5月21日 (UTC)
It sounds like the Min Nan dialect pronunciation of "他". --ZhongHan 01:57 2006年6月2日 (UTC)
  1. Some sayings by confucious begin with "he who..." What is the way to write this in chinese?--Ikiroid (伊克莱伊德)|(我说) 19:47 2006年5月20日 (UTC)
Actually Confucius is always generalizing, that's why you see so many "he who" in the sayings. Like ancient Greek, Ancient Chinese can often omit some part of the phrase, like subject, verb, etc. Here if Confucius says "He who learns but does not think, is lost.", it's actually "学而不思则罔" ("learn and no think then lost") in Chinese. You can figure out that there's no subject, which is not acceptable in the English grammar and it need to be completed by "he who" in the translation. I think it's just like "Jack" in "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."--Demos(Talk) 00:30 2006年5月21日 (UTC)


to someone who is watching the AC/DC.编辑

i am really sorry i didn't tell you before i correct the your work. so sorry. but i still don't know how to write you just like the way you wrote me. sorry, i hope you would see this.

BTW, how to write to other people by message?

Automatic script编辑

If I may ask, how is the simplified/traditional automatic conversion achieved here (a similar situation also exists at the Serbian Wikipedia with latin/cyrillic). It would be of use in the gothic wikipedia, where two different versions exist using the gothic and latin alphabets. en:Hexagon1 12:01 2006年6月9日 (UTC)

User:Zhengzhu is the main developer involved in the media wiki software update to support this. The explanation is Wikipedia:繁简处理, with the more technical explanation here Help:中文维基百科的繁简处理, but it's all in Chinese.
From what I understand as a non-developer, there are four language code defined as variants, with converstion tables (manually edited by the sysops at community request, there are 4 of them currently) to convert phrases and indiviual ideograms. There are four different skins set up, as well as four sets of mediawiki messages, like how you would set up a new language of wikipedia. In the articles, there are special syntax to override the default converstion based on the conversion tables, either disabling it (on character, phrase or page level) or offering an alternative. You can get a sense of what they are in the help page I linked above.
Some main limitations: the title must be in one, either simplified or traditional rather than mixed or no conversion will be done. Since the conversion is done at display time rather than deeper in the database storage, features involving links do not work mosty. Redirect pages must be manually created to redirect from one to another, links are not done automatically. Same problem with categories not being automatically combined (all articles must be manually moved to one). Searches works only on the non-converted version also. The link issues also made some of the special pages fairly useless, such as the wanted categories page.
Implementation of this will also be lengthy if the wiki is of any size. Chinese wikipedia used to have separate versions of articles (zh-cn and zh-tw) on many topics, and they had to be manually combined and set up with redirects. If you want to do this for the gothic wikipedia, sooner would be better than later.

--Vina 17:04 2006年6月9日 (UTC)

I've written to Zhengzhu to ask. If anyone else is willing to give implementing the script a shot, any help is appreciated. +en:Hexagon1 08:17 2006年6月10日 (UTC)


Hi there, can you please specify a source for this image so we can upload it to commons? Thanks in adavance, --Flominator 17:52 2006年6月12日 (UTC) (copied from User talk:Pete.tian)


Could someone do what I suggested there? I don't think that any English-speakers monitor that talk. +Hexagon1 (t) 12:05 2006年6月14日 (UTC)

done. The template is also protected so only sysops can change it. --Vina 12:14 2006年6月14日 (UTC)


谢淑伟 (?)没有页面啊。。。我怎么办?!罗碧琴 15:39 2006年6月23日 (UTC)


This is just to inform the Chinese Wikipedia that we at the Malay Wikipedia have set up our own embassy and it is now ready to welcome visitors ^ ^

You may also contact local ambassador Ychmatematik (who speaks Chinese) for any assistance. Alistair 04:20 2006年6月24日 (UTC)


Thanks for the author of Wikipedia URL Adapter .He help me whom live in Mainland of China, can log in and come back wiki in Smooth way after I had been break my wikimedia work by the CCP's web control! Thanks again!--维基动力引擎 14:09 2006年7月13日 (UTC)

Translation of two words编辑

Hello! Could you please be so kind to translate words:

  • man
  • machine

into Chinese? Thanks! 20:08 2006年7月13日 (UTC) Please, write an answer in pinyin, because my OS doesn't understand chinese script. Thanks one more time!

If man means human, man-->ren

If man means male, man-->nan ren

machine-->ji qi

--無墓孤魂 03:50 2006年7月14日 (UTC)


What's you procedure for a interwiki-BOT approval??

This Bot uses interwiki.py function in pywikipedia.

In page Help:机器人, add information on 「申请机器人」 section.. --笨笨的小B | 茶飲 06:08 2006年7月24日 (UTC)

How to see hieroglyphic?编辑

Hello, China people! I'm not good writing in English, and don't understand Chinese language. But I want to see hieroglyphic in this Wikipedia. Do you can to say that font is using here? And from where I can download it? Very thanks. —— Extate from Lithuania.

in reply: click view>encoding>chinese Traditional. From henry

Greetings from the English Wikipedia!编辑

Greetings! This page is a good idea, I may check if there's one on the English Wikipedia.


Conflict with keyboard shortcut for random page编辑


The keyboard shortcuts for upload and random page are set to be the same. So when I try to get a random page (control/alt-x), it goes to the upload page.

Hows about to reach 100K?编辑

Guys, everytime i enter chinese wikipedia, i get very surprised. You are the biggest to quantity nation in the world, why then you haven't reached 100K yet? I'm quite sure, with your human resources you could easilly leave english wiki behind. Or maybe you are not interested in wiki anymore, and all of you are contributing to Baidu-baike?.. Anyway, i wish luck to you and your work! -- 11:14 2006年8月27日 (UTC)

See Blocking of Wikipedia in mainland China in the English Wikipedia. The third block is not yet lifted. Therefore potential contributors probably get attracted to Baidu Baike before they even have the slightest idea what Wikipedia is. --卡库拉迪 11:27 2006年8月28日 (UTC)

Dreams and Nightmares, Paul Salvator Goldengreen (Goldengruen)编辑

Dreams and Nightmares

There is an utterly new perspective to get an insight into the human soul. These "Dreams and Nightmares" are not typical in a naturalistic sense. There are deep symbols and a rich sea of colours that show a way to reach into the unconscious mind that is very vital. The symbols are highly concentrated and therefore are not to be interpretated in a near sense but give way to sophisticated interpretation. Nevertheless this interpretation may be adequately brought to the point and show more from you, your own soul or the artists soul as an e.g. naturalistic picture or naturalistic dream, because there swing with so much connotations that are taken into account now and find a way out of the soul. So the richness of your, my, the human soul as such is brought up to the conscious mind and may evolve with mighty steps towards a future that enables humankind to prevail.

Just to say Hi from Belgrade, Serbia...编辑

... and to wish you that you overpower Baidu Baike with the content of your wikipedia. Since I have no knowledge of Chinese, I don't see how I can help you much with that, but I am sure I will find some way. Biblbroks 20:12 2006年10月16日 (UTC)

Raymond Chow编辑

Hi! I want to place interwiki link in Russian Wikipedia, but I'm not sure: is that (鄒文懷) the article about famous Hong Kong producer Raymond Chow or is there another? What is correct Chow's birth date? Thanks in advance. --CodeMonk from Russian Wikipedia 01:34 2006年10月23日 (UTC)


Congratulations on reaching a milestone of 100000 articles. -- ru:User:Volkov 13:44 2006年11月12日 (UTC)

I join congratulations. Next target is the Russian wikipedia! -- 18:33 2006年11月12日 (UTC)

Congratulations! 19:37 2006年11月12日 (UTC)

Congrats, likewise! Расти большая! :-) --Illythr

Translation request编辑

Hi. I left you the note on Talk:北京城池#Translation request. I am interested in translating this article for Czech Wikipedia, but unfortunately I can't do it from chinese original. However I learn Chinese, I am not good enough yet. I would like to ask any volunteer to translate this article into English. Thanks in advance. --Zirland 21:50 2006年11月12日 (UTC)

Discussion on the logo votes编辑

Can anyone check Chinese (中文)spellings at Discussion on the logo votes at Metawiki? I was not sure which expression is official, "维基教科书 - 内容开放的教科书及手册" or "维基教科书 - 自由的教科书及手册". Thank you.--Californiacondor 22:54 2006年11月13日 (UTC)


Hello, i'm trying to write an article in chinese about Alexandre Leonard 赉安 who was an architect in Shanghai in the thirties . there is already an article available on wiki in french, if somebody wants to give me a hand for the translation...i'm not a chinese native speaker, i'm just french. --Danielle 13:24 2006年11月13日 (UTC)

feedback for non-chinese-reading/writing people almost inaccessible编辑

feedback for non-chinese-reading/writing people almost inaccessible. the "plus button" at the top is near invisible. what do the buttons in the message editor do? i'll find out by trial and error, i guess.

edit: it worked! i looked at the html source code of the page and found that <input id="wpSave" ... title="保存你的修改 [alt-s]" /> might be the trick to do.

good luck to all of you!

Regarding some of the media articles编辑

Hello. I'm DanCBJMS from the English Wikipedia. I was wondering if anyone from here can help translate the Taiwan TV channels from Chinese into English (meaning for China Television Company, the Public Television Service, Chinese Television Service, TTV, and Formosa Television), since in these articles they are either stubs or need articles. I'm also wondering if anyone here can review the existing Central Broadcasting System and Broadcasting Corporation of China articles and edit them or add info from the exisitng articles in Chinese into English if necessary. Thank you very much. - 02:33 2006年11月17日 (UTC)

What dialect is this, or is this just a combined chinese site?编辑

What dialect is this, or is this just a combined chinese site?

This is the standard Chinese site. Not in any dialect. --蒙人 ->敖包相会 05:29 2006年11月25日 (UTC)

the sites promotes sleaze and misinformation编辑

Freedom of speech. Here is my commentar: This website promotes sleaze and misinformation. The Chinese government is justified to block this page. --我知道一切 10:50 2006年11月19日 (UTC)

  • Yeah, this site is simply too tolerant to %$#@s like you. --Sandycx (倾计) 07:25 2006年12月15日 (UTC)

How can I connect to wikipedia when I am in P. R.China?编辑

Wikipeida is the one I like best. But I cannot connect to it when I was in China! I only can surf on it abroad! That's a bad thing I hate! Please help me to connect wikipedia, my e-mail address is xingyuqiao [at] hotmail [dot] com.And may I have yours, please? Thank you very much!--Jiangyi 23:24 2006年11月24日 (UTC)

Unfortuantly, the PRC has closed internet acsess to the Chinese Wikipedia for unknown reasons. User:Thunderhead
Obviously, it's government censorship.-- 10:46 2006年11月28日 (UTC)

It's not unknown. They just don't want any non-government approved ideas floating around.

I've disguised your email address so that humans can still read it, but automated bots cannot. For your protection, please don't post your email address anywhere on the internet, including Wikipedia. You'd just be attracting spam that way. =)
With regards to the block, no reason has ever been officially given, though we have pretty good guesses as to what those might be. If you are interested in circumventing the block and viewing/editing Wikipedia, however, we have a page, in Chinese, that covers a variety of methods that you can try. -- ran留言) 22:52 2006年12月2日 (UTC)

May I Know What is "無推薦條目" ? and How to create "推薦條目"? Thanks编辑

Linton 01:00 2006年11月26日 (UTC)

I believe you're talking about the new articles that appear in the "Did you know?" (你知道嗎?) section on the Main Page. Anyone new, good-quality article can be recommended for that section. -- ran留言) 23:01 2006年12月2日 (UTC)

I would like my site mentioned in Wikipedia, but ....编辑

Can you tell me how to adjust it so it will not be "too rough" or "too unsuitable". I really do want to make it suitable. I am a different-thinking person, and you might agree with me after reading my site. Well, at least I hope so. Want to interview me? I'll visit the Chinese consulate here in San Fransideshow (that is, San Francisco...(laugh, okay?) at the embassy...

One reason I would like to be on your site is that:

--I think I am the only non-military/non-government person doing something like what I am doing --I think the world is mad, and needs a new way of helping peace not be lost --I am thinking futuristic, and I sincerely think Asia will dominate the world in less than 50 years, well, unless the USA does something dastardly to offset China's nascence...

Also, if China's Wikipedia features me, then maybe I can have a little more faith in the US after all. Besides, isn't there are saying, "All things come back in full circle?" China's stature may yet be restored after all these centuries.

Thank you, David/dae-taku/

dae-taku [at] otanashide [dot] com

This is not China's Wikipedia, this is the Chinese-language edition of Wikipedia. It belongs to everyone and anyone in the world who knows Chinese. We have no affiliations with the governments of the People's Republic of China, of the Republic of China (Taiwan), of the Republic of Singapore, or with any other national government.
Wikipedia has guidelines on what is to be regarded as "encyclopedic" and suitable for inclusion. You can take a look at our policies over at the English edition of Wikipedia.
We do not have a fixed group of editors. Wikipedia is a community-built encyclopedia which is freely editable by anyone who agrees to adhere to our policies, as linked to above.
Don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.
-- ran留言) 22:49 2006年12月2日 (UTC)
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