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Curtis Chan
— 維基人 —
出生  香港

喜歡的題目:心理學經濟學中史人工智能Star Trek(但不喜歡Star War

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User:Blacktc/outlineOfPsychology (of enWiki)

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心理學條目 编辑


心理學專題 WikiProject Psychology 编辑

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Pages that expanded by me (excluded <1k bytes expansion, template, pic)
Pages Increase in Page length (in bytes) Remark
內隱智力理論 9445 Created
運動技能學習 13198 Created
偏見 3832 Expanded (from this version)
因應 (心理學) 6601 Created
增強 37821 Expanded (from this version)
素質-壓力模式 6807 Created
多數無知 3269 Expanded (from this version)
氣質 (心理學) 6057 Expanded (from this version)
育兒風格 4419 Created
憂鬱認知三角 5256 Created
三座山測試 3162 Created
精神藥物 6722 Expanded
觀察學習 3160 Expanded (from this version)
個人建構理論 11079 Created
行為治療 3308 Expanded (from this version)
古典制約 8583 Expanded (from this version)
人格類型 3074 Created
鄧克輻射難題 22057 Created, created before enWiki existed
信度 2050 Expanded (from this version)
效度 2520 Expanded (from this version)
流程圖 9148 Expanded,
聚光燈效應 8194 Translated

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Emojione 2B50關注中 Pages I am interested 编辑

Emojione 1F4D2格式手冊 编辑


 =中文維基百科指引,已經社群商議並採納; =僅是一篇論述,不屬於方針或指引

圖片翻譯 Diagram Translation 编辑

找插圖或書本讓讀者更易理解心理學概念 Finding licence-free pictures to illustrate psy-concepts 编辑

Books released under CC licence
# Name Authors CC licence Publish Date Remark uploadedScreenshotID
001 Introduction to Psychology Stangor, Charles CC BY-NC-SA ? x
002 Psychology: OpenStax or on CRX Rose M. Spielman, PhD CC BY 2014 x 007
003 Conditioning and Learning By Mark E. Bouton

University of Vermont

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 ? x 009
004 Brain and Cognitive Sciences Dr. Daniela Tropea CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 2009 x 010
005 Introduction to Psychology Prof. John Gabrieli CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 2011 x 010

* Some diagrams may not necessarily cited in CC. Check carefully its licence if it is explicitly claimed the copyright in the footnote.

Inserting pictures by the paragraph 编辑

Here is listing the approaches (I can think of so far) for adopting images, especially diagrams from other language version of Wikipedia.

# Approach Advantage Disadvantage
1 Template:Annotated image
  1. Easier to maintain
  2. Since the image is label-free, it is ready for other-language Wikipedian to adopt
  3. Enjoy the Simplified/Traditional Chinese conversion in the meantime
  1. Have to erase the labels from the original photo first
  2. May misformatted when viewing on mobile (like white text in dark mode on iOS). Solution seeking.
2 幫助:手工字詞轉換
  1. Requires less text positioning coding (annotation
  1. Have to upload multiple svg onto Common
3 Tags in the label (Example: File:CRT color enhanced.png)
  1. Easier to maintain
  2. Need no tag positioning
  3. Avoid making multiple Chinese diagrams
  4. Able to view on mobile apps properly
  1. Not intuitive