I asked the page to be protected. As you can't use your photos in Russia, I do believe you can't anywhere else. Akhmadjan留言) 2019年5月16日 (四) 15:32 (UTC)[]

  • Akhmadjan, by the way, this photo is also used on Russian Wikinews - try to delete the photo from there. Раммон留言) 2019年5月17日 (五) 07:24 (UTC)[]
  • I am sorry to revert your reversion in "2016年莫斯科孩童斬首案", Раммон, not because those photos infringe any copyrights, but because those photos would cause trepidation. Σανμοσα以有涯隨無涯,殆已! 2019年5月22日 (三) 10:12 (UTC)[]
  • Please also note that here is Chinese Wikipedia, that Chinese should be used to communicate with others here. However, if you don't know Chinese well, you may seek help from the administrators if necessary. Anyway, thank you for joining Chinese Wikipedia. Σανμοσα以有涯隨無涯,殆已! 2019年5月22日 (三) 10:15 (UTC)[]
@Sanmosa:那些图片确实令人惶恐,但是移除是否违反WP:NOTCENSORED。--Cohaf(talk) 2019年5月22日 (三) 10:24 (UTC)[]
Cohaf該圖片屬於斬首兒童,我認為可能適用WP:CHILDPROTECT法律方針。Σανμοσα 2019年5月22日 (三) 10:28 (UTC)[]
Cohaf還有,我認為如果真的要再度加入相關圖片的話,那也應該要在嚴謹的社羣共識下進行。Σανμοσα 2019年5月22日 (三) 10:36 (UTC)[]
@Sanmosa:如果是儿童保护,应该提交基金会,但是看了一遍C区的AFD,不是非常适合使用。这个没有保护儿童,那个儿童已经被杀了。其余就NOTCENSORED了。我只是认为这样大量RR非常不妥而已。您的意见如何?--Cohaf(talk) 2019年5月22日 (三) 10:40 (UTC)[]
Cohaf我還是要求得到社群意見明確許可才加入。Σανμοσα 2019年5月22日 (三) 10:42 (UTC)[]
Sanmos, these pictures have nothing to do with pedofilia, so the rule WP:CHILDPROTECT is not applicable to the case. These photos do not violate any Wikimedia's rule, because otherwise they would be removed from Commons. The first photo was twice nominated for deletion and twice kept. The other two photos were nominated for deletion by Akhmadjan, and due to my inexperience on Commons' traditions I asked Commons' administrator Elcobbola to summarize the results of discussion on the pages of nominations of these photos. But this my ask led to the fact that Elcobbola refused to summarize the results not to be accused of bias. And also I do not understand your intention to get permission to publish these photos in the article. Obviously these photos do not violate any Wikipedia's rule, so there is no reason to hide the photos. Also read the similar discussion on the English Wikipedia, please. Раммон留言) 2019年5月22日 (三) 10:58 (UTC)[]
First, it is a content issue to include or exclude a picture from an article, we will decide to include or exclude based on local policies and of course WMF guidance. But to edit war with another editor here on the inclusion is a conduct issue which if you don't come to a consensus on talk page or otherwise, you will face sanctions like blocks or topic bans. @Sanmosa:. 要讨论是可以的,我乐意加入。--Cohaf(talk) 2019年5月22日 (三) 11:05 (UTC)[]
Cohaf, well, how to come to a consensus in this case? Раммон留言) 2019年5月22日 (三) 11:26 (UTC)[]
You may use the talk page to discuss or the link I will give you below if you cant use Chinese. If you can, feel free to visit the village pump too.--Cohaf(talk) 2019年5月22日 (三) 11:28 (UTC)[]
The language is not the main obstacle to come to a consensus with Akhmadjan - I do not know what should I write. Раммон留言) 2019年5月22日 (三) 12:26 (UTC)[]

@Akhmadjan: edit war is not ok. You are warned too.--Cohaf(talk) 2019年5月22日 (三) 11:07 (UTC)[]




  Please use Modern Chinese to communicate

You have posted comments in a language other than Modern Chinese. Please always use Chinese to communicate, no matter to whom you address your comments. This is so that comments may be comprehensible to the community at large. If the use of another language is unavoidable, please provide a translation of the comments. If you do not write Chinese but need to contact zh-wikipedia, you can leave your message here. Thank You.

--Cohaf(talk) 2019年5月22日 (三) 11:28 (UTC)[]

From what I understand, Chinese is NOT required to leave comments at the Village pump. However, my understanding from quick skimming indicated that almost all comments are left in the Chinese languages. Non-Chinese ones are most likely not replied aptly. -- Ktsquare 留言 2019年9月2日 (一) 07:51 (UTC)[]
Yes, Ktsquare is right on this issue. It is not strictly banned to use non-Chinese in VP. My expression was not precise.--Tiger-留言) 2019年9月2日 (一) 08:07 (UTC)[]
Your (Tigerzeng) expression is misleading... Also, you (Tigerzeng) follows my word conversation with other users numerous times. This time, your (Tigerzeng) comment follows only less than 1 hour after mine. I am reasonably convinced that you (Tigerzeng) are following my contribution. Please stop. I am considering reporting your (Tigerzeng) action because my security may be hurt. -- Ktsquare 留言 2019年9月2日 (一) 09:12 (UTC)[]